How to Style Polka Dots

How to Style Polka Dots

When it comes to having to put together simple outfits for runnings errands while having J with me, I normally gravitate towards just jeans and a basic tee but I know that getting dressed and putting on make-up help me feel more like myself.

So today on the blog I am showing you how to simply style a polka dot top with jeans and a pair of loafers, while on a budget.

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I just needed some time.

I just needed some time.

After everything that was going on in my personal life, I definitely needed a break from everything. I wish I could鈥檝e fit in a vacation from life but with a family that is not something that you can do.

Instead, I took a step back from my blog and a little bit of social media and it helped tremendously. I also took a refreshing instagram class from my dear friend Stacy Anderson that helped me feel much better about the path about this blog.

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Dealing with Loss

Dealing with Loss

On June 10th, we lost my grandmother and while she lived a long life passing at the ripe age of 81, no loss is ever easy.  The last couple months for her were filled with pain and surgeries, until she was brought home where she could get some comfort from pain medication, and family & friends. 

I am not the greatest at loss, I am awkward to say the least with affection as it is growing up in a family who rarely says I love you, or hugs one another.  

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Polished Pink

Polished Pink

I recently picked up this beautiful pink lipstick "Blake's Pink" by Loreal.  

If I never mentioned it before Blake Lively is one of my favorite style icons. I love how a lot of her simple styles are always a hit with the fashion community.  Plus on top of it all she is naturally beautiful.

I used the lipstick color for inspiration on the overall look, it is a very bright pink color with some peach like undertones.  

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Dewy Beachy Makeup Vibes

Dewy Beachy Makeup Vibes

Finally! I was able to get around to using the Tarte Cosmetics: Be a Mermaid and Make Waves Palette and I am so, so in love.  This buy far is one of my favorite palettes, I absolutely love when a palette will come with matte shades along with some shimmer. I am not an avid user of shimmer shades but I am slowly introducing them into my makeup routine and while I don't love them for certain looks, I do love playing with them.  

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Mama Moments

Mama Moments

These past couple of weeks I have had less time to play with make up or get dressed up and take pictures of myself, so this weeks blog post have been more of the emotional side of things. 

I am still trying to figure out what works for me with this blog and what doesn't.  If you have opinions on the matter I am open to hear about them. 

If you read my post earlier this week you are well aware that Mother's Day didn't go as smoothly as one would hope.  You can read more of it here.

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Weekend Recap: Mother's Day Fail.

Mother's Day was great!
My attitude on the other hand not so much.

If you saw my instagram post on this topic then you know exactly what I am talking about. 

So my Mother's Day fail started on Saturday evening and apparently I was on a roll and wanted it to last the entire weekend, E came home with my gift and I was like nope, I don't want that.  Then to top it off I decided to have an attitude that E decided to leave the house to do a little work for his regular job on Sunday morning.  Now this I am still a little upset about and feel as though my feelings are in the right to an extent, but I am going to put my pride and attitude aside and be thankful and grateful that our finances and lives are being handled. 

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You are deserving.


Happy Mama's Day to all of the beautiful mother's out there, whether it be by adoption, surrogacy, sperm donor, or the good ole fashion way. 

You are amazing in who you are and what you do.  

There is nothing and no one that can ever take the place of a mother. 

There are many times that E has come home and tried to provide relief but J will always want me, there are moments that he isn't feeling great, or when he knows I will protect him {which is always}.

While in that exact moment it can feel defeating especially after very long days, I am so happy to experience these times with J.  The good, the bad, and the ugly which are few and less frequent than I probably make it seem. 

I am grateful and thankful that God chose me to be J's mom and while it can be difficult to navigate at times and it has been harder than I thought. It is by far the greatest thing I have ever done with my life.

Becoming a mother has given me all I have ever needed and or wanted in life. 

I am so thankful to all of the moms in my life, who have groomed me and helped me become a great mother. Without all of the great examples, advice and help I am not sure where I would be.  

I am thankful to be a mother, to be able to hold my son daily, to be able to feel his heart beating, to steal his kisses and to be called Mama all day long. 

You won't ever be thanked enough, or appreciated enough at times but you are!

Summer Must Haves: Shoes Edition



The perfect summer sandal in my opinion, they give you height when you are a shortie like myself but stability to wear all day/night long.  I am a lover of comfortable wear so I wouldn't but it is a possibility.  I will always keep a pair of much more comfortable shoes close by either in the car or in my bag.  

What to Wear With:
I wear wedges with skinny jeans, shorts, maxi skirts, and even jumpsuits.  I personally don't do the wide legged jeans just because of my height so I can't recommend them but if you are taller and want to pair them with a wide pant, go for it! 


Chunky Heel Sandals

I recently wore these to a wedding and while we didn't stay long enough to dance the night away, I wasn't in a rush to take these off as soon as I hit the car.  I didn't jump on the chunky heel bandwagon right away.  I think what had originally turned me off was the platform style that launched and it wasn't really my thing.  I think a pointy heel is sexy but honestly not for this momma.  It is hard to walk in those suckers as it is to add a heavy Jaxon to the mix plus a diaper bag, no thanks! 

What to Wear With:
Just about anything, these are kind of an all around shoe that you can pair with any outfit to any occasion dress it up or down and day or night. 

Tennis Shoes

By far my favorite kind of shoe, these are a little harder to style as it can go with everything apparently that is this years trend I don't recommend it nor will you see me doing it. 

What to Wear With
Skinny Jeans
Work Out attire


Casual Shoes

This is your vans, converses, adidas original shell-toes

What to Wear With:
I would consider wearing this style with just about anything.  I have paired my converse with skater dresses, jeans, capris, maxi dresses, and I have worn them even with the basic chick leggings and a tee.  It is literal mom-attire.


Flat Sandals

My flat sandals are the ones that I wear on the fly, these are what I throw my painful shoes off for and what I make sure is in the car on those days that I go get a pedicure because you literally can't walk out of the salon with those other paper sandals. 

What to Wear With:
Anything in your closet, seriously.  Preferred to pack for when traveling.  



I picked up a couple of mules this year after seeing them all over social media and figured I'd give them a try.  I found a really cute pair at Target, and then this other black pair at American Eagle.  Great to throw on when traveling as well since they are easy to take off and put on. 

What to Wear With:
I have worn mine with skinny jeans and I wouldn't mind wearing them with a few other outfits as well.  These are another comfy chic shoe that you can wear with a lot of outfits.


Ruffled Waist Belted Shorts

If you follow me on my insta-stories you know that behind the scenes I have been trying my best to get a little space in my house to photograph outfits.  I don't really have a ton of time away from the house or someone to take all of my photos either.

I don't currently make any money off of my blog so I am trying my best to build up my content in hopes to one day make some sort of living off of it but until then I can't really afford to hire a photographer so I do the job myself.

My set up is pretty basic, I have a few studio lights, a tripod and my sony A6000.  I have a remote timer and I use my phone to see if I am in focus it takes a few tries before I get it in focus and I don't look like a complete weirdo. 

I have been looking for some shorts with this ruffle waist because I feel like they are really in style this summer and look perfect for a vacation or a weekend out with the boys.  

I picked up this olive green color because it is one of my favorite colors and it also goes great with my skin tone. 

I paired it with this white Guess body suit because it makes tucking is look more seamless and is also comfortable and chic.  I will do a post on how and why to wear body suits. 


Pinks for the Summer

Disclaimer:  This post contains links to all of the products I used in this makeup look at no extra cost to you I may earn a small commission off of any purchase or clicks.  

hello there, loves! 

I am back today with this beautiful transition of pinks!  I recently went to The Orlando Salon to update my locks and Orlando did this beautiful transition of pinks in my hair.  I just knew that I had to pay homage to his beautiful work and do a make up look to compliment the hair.

I used my new morphe 3502 Second Nature Palette that finally was restocked at my local Ulta, and created some beautiful transitional pinks. I also used my first eye shadow palette ever the Naked Palette to get some of the pinks with shimmer.  

Now I am typically not a shimmery kind of girl but I knew that I needed to add some to this look because if the sun hits my hair at the right spots I can really see some shimmer in the color. 

Orlando does an amazing job on my hair and I remember when I first started going to him he busted out this make up brush to blend my hair color and I was like, this guy is going to do great things because he isn't the norm.  He doesn't try to fit in some box and I love that about him. 

Make Up Products
Eylure Lashes Accents
Urban Decay Naked Palette
Morphe 35O2 Blend the Rules - Second Nature Palette
Maybelline Lash Sensational Curvitude Mascara

Nars Foundation Stick - Tahoe
Mac Blush Fleur Power
Becca Cosmetics Champagne Pop

Lipstick - Loreal Colour Riche 712 Matte Mandate
Liner - Milani 08 Fuchsia Color Statement Liner