Hey Girl!

I’m Vashti, + that’s us, my little family.

I am a thirty something stay-at-home-mama of the sweetest boy, wife to that big hunk you see over there, a lover of words [even the bad ones], and all things YL essential oils.

On most days you’ll find me not wearing pants [mostly around my house], drinking a large cup of coffee, and overthinking every single aspect of my life.

This blog is where I love to share my love for high-waisted jeans, perfecting the no-makeup look and sympathy in all things motherhood.

I found that all us mama’s are doing the best we can with what we’ve got.

My hope for this space it to help mama’s feel welcomed no matter where they are in their journey through motherhood.

I always love to hear from you babes so get in touch with one of the below!