the story

One of my greatest blessings has been becoming a mom, it has also been one of my biggest life lessons.

I am a child of entrepreneurs, my parents have always owned businesses and I always knew being my own boss was going to be in my future. I also knew that staying home with J and raising our little man was something we most definitely wanted.  Has waking up in the middle of the night, and dealing with a teething baby made me re-think that a couple of times, you bet your ass it has. 

I just knew I wasn’t destined to sit in a windowless cubicle, I am a dreamer, a over-thinker and definitely a creative to a fault. Which also means that planning isn’t my strong suit, I prefer un-lined paper so I can write in any direction on every single part of the page without lines holding me in one place. 

I also have a new idea every couple of months to my husbands dismay, lol. Sorry babe. 

But, after having J and my raging hormones getting the best of me I knew I wanted to take this blog in a direction that helped women live a life that they loved.  The transition into motherhood for some women isn’t always the prettiest [and it shouldn’t always be] but there were weeks [and there still are days at times] where I wouldn’t change into something presentable to the general public.

And one day I realized, I liked feeling pretty. I like the compliments I would get on my shoes, I loved when a complete stranger would open up a conversation with me because I didn’t look like something they wanted to immediately run away from. 

I knew I had to make that difference in the world of motherhood and the way I plan on doing that is taking the other things I am passionate about and bringing them together. Style, Beauty and Self-love

If I can even help someone style a simple outfit, do an easy makeup look, and treat their self to that spa bath they haven't took in weeks then my day will have been made.

That is when I decided on Hello Vashti where style + beauty meet motherhood bringing stylish outfits, and make up looks to the every day mom. 

get to know me!



hello there, love. is a mom-style [a mom, fashion + lifestyle] blog where I get to detail all of life's great moments, from raising J to what outfit I can fit in that day.

Blogging has been a way for me to connect with real moms who can appreciate a high waist-ed jean, and going out without makeup on most [aka all] days or not going out at all.

I have been married to my tall, dark, and handsome husband for almost 7 years and we have our little papa J, and 2 dogs Karma and Diesel.   

I am a lover of coffee, sweet tea, road trips, photography, long naps and amazing food with great company. 



my kind-of-perfect

Perfect Outfit: Jeans, Converse, and a top knot [when my hair is long enough to attain that]

Perfect MOTD: BB Cream, Mascara, Concealer & good lip stick, preferably a nude. 

Perfect Food: I am a lover of all foods, but being from the south Comfort Foods are my favorite. If there is chicken and waffles on the menu, you best believe I am getting it. 

Perfect Drink: Sweet Tea, I can drink this all day every day.  Coffee, I reserve for mornings. 

Perfect Day: Any day I spend with my little family or hanging with my girls!

Perfect Animal: Dog - A big cuddly dog.