As the new year begins, I know a lot of our minds and hearts are filled with hope.  Hope that the new year will bring something new, fresh, different and extraordinary.  Or at least I do.  I pray that this year I am a better person than in the last. I do more than the last, and I live more than the last.

I remember when I was younger, I wanted so much to be older, to drive my own car, and do my own things and live a life in the city.  Television shows made city life seem so cool, and fancy. Fancy being the #1 priority here, of course

Now all I want is for time to slow down and maybe just maybe pause for a minute.  The slower country life, is much more appeasing and I can see myself working from home and hanging out with the kids once we do have them.  It literally would be a dream come true. 

I am sure some of you mom's out there think you know it isn't as glamorous as it might seem at times. But I would like the chance to know how it actually feels to be there when they open their little eyes in the morning, to be available if they do get sick and not have to drop them to the nearest family member to run off to a job.  I mean I even hate leaving my dogs in the morning, it is those puppy dog eyes.  

There is hope that this little blog of mine will become a great success.  I want it to be a place where women - young and old can be inspired, feel loved, and get motivated.  I know that I don't post as many photos as I should because this blog is to show off my photography after all but I need this to be a place that also helps women and young girls.  I need it to be a place where my nieces can go and be proud to have an aunt like me who knows their struggles, feels for them, and among it all maybe even inspires them a little.  

I hope that this year I can either create a charity or become associated with one, it has been a goal of mine for quite some time.  I hope to put the classes that I have taken in 2015 prove to be beneficial to myself and my business.  I hope to organize the crap out of life so that nothing is as hard as it has been.  

White socks in the white sock bin, and black socks in the black sock bin type of organization.  I want to create the system that I need for my business and so forth.  I need this year to be better for business than last year I don't just hope for it. I need it. 

I hope to make my myself proud this year because I am after all my toughest critic.  

Lastly, my hope for you my dear, dear readers is that you get more from this blog than you ever expected.  I hope that you stick around for a while, and be here while we grow. 

with all the love,