All the times I prayed.

If you would've told me last year that I would be pregnant this year I would've looked at you crazy and probably said "yeah right!".  Sometimes I look down at my belly and can't believe that it is really real.  

I vividly remember being the girl who came into my OBGYN's office, saw the pregnant women and wished it was me.

And now I wonder if there is anyone else walking to the office thinking the same thing about me but don't know that I was once in their shoes.

Our fertility treatments resulted in the loss of my left tube, trips to mexico, months apart, heartache, stress, and more.  The turmoil that you go through to have children when you have fertility issues, is a very difficult road and it takes a huge toll on your life.  For a while I was in denial that I was actually stressed out.  

I can't say that we did anything special to get pregnant, I started to save up to take trips with a girlfriend of mine.  I tried to get as much gluten removed from my diet.  I cut back on my dairy and substituted Almond/Soy milk as much as possible.  I was working out when I could and I tried to do things that made me happy without having to factor everyone in.  When you are one of those people who don't ever think just about you, care about what people think, and have a hard time not being in charge.  It is only understandable that stress will be on your plate, and when it comes to having little ones the first thing that needs to be done is removing a lot of things/people from your life that weren't healthy for you. 

Maybe it was the less stress I was causing myself by always worrying about what other's think, even if I did say "I don't care".  Maybe my body was healthier, or God just had his time all along.  I can't say why now we were finally able to get pregnant.  I wish I could, I wish I could help all the couples out there yearning to be a family.  But I can't. 

I can say that all the annoying advice of it will happen when the time is right, is most definitely true.  As much as I'd hate to admit it.  Give yourself time to enjoy your life even if you think you are, and one day out of the blue you can be a nervous, sweaty, nauseated wreck like I was, and find out that you are finally doing one of the most amazing things in life you have ever done. 

To say I am beyond happy and excited to meet the other love of my life is an understatement.  I am overjoyed, over the moon, all the expressions I could think of in regards to happiness all belong here. 

I am thankful for those who have joined us on this journey, supported us, and have been there for us.  Our family and friends we are forever grateful for your love, support, and happiness for us.

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With love,