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Cafe Delites | Creamy Garlic Parmesean Mushroom Chicken + Bacon

Cafe Delites | Creamy Garlic Parmesean Mushroom Chicken + Bacon

I mean honestly, if the title alone didn't capture your heart I mean I don't know what would.

We made this for dinner twice, TWICE!  We made it one night with rice because I totally forgot to read the entire recipe before leaving work and rice was all we had.  The next night we made it with Gluten Free Pasta, both nights it was DELICIOUS! 

And no we did not make it two nights in a row.  We separated it by a few nights.

Cafe Delites Recipe 

I love one pot recipes because I honestly hate washing dishes, especially now with the belly, it makes it hard to reach over to the sink.  : ]  So when I can find a one pot recipe that E will also love I am down.  

Seriously when I saw the chicken come out of the oven I was pretty much sold, it was gorgeous.  [don't worry I will have E make it again just for me to take pictures and eat too.]

Unfortunately lately it is hard to get pictures since I am normally starved by the time I leave work. But just take my word, it was amazing-ness.  

E picked up half and half instead of milk or cream and it worked perfectly fine, so unlike us you need not freak out. We used chicken breast instead of thighs, thighs would've probably made it a little juicer especially with the skin.  

Of course, I will update once we make the recipe again with better images when I am indeed not pregnant and can wait to eat.  LOL.  

I totally recommend Cafe Delites her recipes are delicious and come out perfect to the recipe.

Cafe Delites | Creamy Garlic Parmesean Mushroom Chicken + Bacon - Hello There, Love.
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