26 Week Bump-date

26 Week Bump-date | Hello There, Love.
26 Week Bump-date | Hello There, Love.
26 Week Bump-date | Hello There, Love.
26 Week Bump-date | Hello There, Love.

Ahh the new blog is finally starting to take shape, the design of this blog was a little bit different that what I am used to but I like it.  It will take some time to look the way I want it to but that's the good thing about blogging, everything takes time.

I recently had the ahmazing opportunity to go to a Blogger Event with The Cultivate Project and since I am currently pregnant used it to my advantage to get a couple of shots by my amazing friend Stacy Anderson of Stacy Anderson Photography. Isn't the lighting just gorgeous.

I picked up this cute dress at H&M for just $15.00 and I love the color, especially with fall now upon us Houstonians.  

Hair: Bri Davila - Bri is seriously the best, she does hair and make up and she is like lightening fast, I love watching her and sometimes I just sit there dumb struck.  She is currently pregnant as well so if you are looking for someone next year check her out she definitely will not disappoint.

I am so excited to share with you what the bump and I have been up to!
We were recently told by the doctor to start diet and exercise because of Gestational Diabetes and this girl loves her some pasta, so while it has been tough and takes some getting used to I will definitely have to start managing my eating better and exercising better.  If you have any tips for me, I am all ears!

I just want to make sure he is healthy and happy when he gets here. So I am happy to eat vegetables, salad, and chicken until he gets here. 

We are slowly getting the house settled, we ordered our master bedroom mattress finally!  I am so glad to sleep in our bedroom after this weekend.  Fingers crossed. 

Our house is slowly becoming our home and I still wake up some mornings and think to myself I can't believe this place is all ours.  I love our little home and all that it has become in a few short months.  

It is thankfully friday and I can't wait to get home and put my feet up before starting dinner. 

I hope you loves have a safe, happy, cooler weekend!  

With love,