I adore you.

So lately I have been feeling super guilty because I don't think I took all of the pictures of my growing bump that I should've and with professional cameras and a photographer in the household I don't think I have an excuse.

It was such a struggle for me to get pregnant and I was determined I was going to be that pregnant mom to be who took tons of pictures of my bump week by week.  Which I failed miserably at. 

The problem is we found out we were pregnant, decided we needed a house, moved, bought furniture, and now we have a baby shower and more to get ready for.  

I even wanted to write letters to my baby during my entire pregnancy to tell him how much I loved him, adored him and that he meant the world to me even before I met him.  But I haven't and I feel so guilty for it. 

Either I can't find the words, hold back the tears enough to see the screen, or I can't stay awake.

But I guess I should start somewhere, maybe today but I need to just start it is just so hard to write the things I know I want to tell him without balling my eyes out. 

Also I can't wait to be a boy mom. So I can spoil him to death.