You are my bucket list.


It's crazy to me how fast things can change. If someone would've said to me last year that this year I would be pregnant and that a lot more things were going to fall into place, I might have looked at you crazy 😒 and kept drinking my wine🍷.  And probably taken your glass from you too. 

Baby Jaxon wasn't #1 on my bucket list but he was the most important thing on there. If there was only one thing I could have off of my bucket list it would be him. I seriously can't wait to meet him, only 4 more months to go.  Can you believe it is almost September? 

I knew when it was time for us to have a baby all of our ducks wouldn't be in a row, like all debt paid and all the things everyone wants in their life before bringing a baby into this world. 

But things fell into the perfect place for us, and I couldn't be happier.  Things are still hectic, all of our dogs are still at my parents place and photography is kind of still on the back burner [which I hate] but I am trying to enjoy the happy while it is here.  

But, I hope once everything is settled and things aren't in a huge mess.  I can finally breath a little then I can get photography roaring again and finally be able to get that aspect of life in a better position.

When Jaxon does finally arrive I get maternity leave, so I am hoping in between his naps and feedings, etc., if I am not passed out myself that I can get some things into place.  I am also hoping to get some editing done from past sessions that I didn't get done.  A desk will finally get set up and I can finally have a spot to do some work without interruptions.  Hopefully

What do you have going on in your life?