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I am usually not wearing pants [mostly just at home], drinking coffee & sweet tea, obsessively cleaning my house, figuring out dinner for 3, running at the gym, trying to cut carbs, and overthinking ever single aspect of my life.

At the moment

At the moment

At The Moment | Hello There Love, Blog.

I don't want this entire blog to become all about pregnancy, I will try to keep it down to a minimum here but this blog is my life and I am indeed pregnant.

Pregnancy especially in my case should be a very joyous time and for the most part it is, I am really happy to be having a baby boy.  But I am still fairly scared.  

I do know that God has me in his favor and he has given me a ton of strength over the years.  

Was I excited when I found out that we were pregnant, overly excited.  Excited to the point that I wanted to keep it to ourselves for as long as possible.  E on the other hand wanted to tell people right away.  We tried to keep it to ourselves for as long as possible but there were changes going on and loved ones were started to take notice. 

Our family has a tradition of waiting until the first trimester is over to tell people about being pregnant.  I always thought it was a "tradition" but statistically people are less likely to have a miscarriage after the first trimester it drops to 1%.  

After years and years of trying for Baby Collins I wanted to just jump for joy.  When I initially peed on the stick my hands started to shake, the test came back relatively quick when you normally wait minutes it seemed to only be seconds.  It was positive there was no faint line, there was no guessing on my part.  There was a perfectly dark positive!

I started screaming for E but he was outside with the dogs and could barely hear me.  

Then I noticed that the back of the test had popped open and I was so worried that maybe the test was giving a false positive that I was glad I bought a 2 pack. I felt that maybe it was an error that I was pregnant because after trying for so long that seemed closer to the truth than the fact that I was indeed pregnant. 

E finally came inside and I showed him the test and I started crying. 

So I took one more test and another test after that I was reassured, but then that just said I was pregnant it didn't say if the baby was in my tube or not.  After getting into see an ultrasound tech and finding out that baby was in the right place and had a heart beat it was pretty overwhelming and exciting.  I wanted to hug and tell everyone but I know I had to keep it to myself for a bit.  But thank goodness for best friends because I was able to tell my bestie and have her there for all the okay this is happening, and I probably annoyed her at times but that is what best friends are for.  : ]

It is a joyous, cautious occasion and while it is a roller coaster for me I can't say that I would have life be any other way at the moment.  I am tired all the time, hungry for the most part and so ready for vacation that I could just walk out of the office today.  

I am so grateful for all the love and well wishes from everyone and I can't wait for us to be parents next year.

I adore you.

I adore you.

Mostess Box Launch Party

Mostess Box Launch Party