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I’m Vashti!

I am usually not wearing pants [mostly just at home], drinking coffee & sweet tea, obsessively cleaning my house, figuring out dinner for 3, running at the gym, trying to cut carbs, and overthinking ever single aspect of my life.

It's my birthday

Today is my birthday, I turn 31 and I can't believe all that has happened in the past year. 

As I sit here at the doctor's office waiting to be seen for my follow up appointment after having my little love Jaxon, I realize how much all of the things that seemingly mattered before don't. 

I didn't do much for birthday celebrations before Jaxon and I doubt I'll do much now that he is here. Having a dinner with my family at a nice restaurant was typically all I ever wanted for my birthday and spending time with family is now much more important than it ever was before.

For me it isn't always about the materialistic things that make me happy.  Of course I love shopping but being able to see how much E has changed into a dad literally overnight is an amazing gift in itself. Being able to hold my son, kiss him, console him, tell him how much he is loved is a gift I keep getting daily and will cherish forever. 

And so I don't get all snotty nose, crying in the exam room because you know hormones, I only want to say this. 

All I wish for this year is to be the best mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend, aunt, and me I can be. I would be happy if my photography and blogging took off this year as well! [just throwing that out there into the universe] 

So cheers to another year of getting older, looking younger and having fun! 

Photographing The Bump

Photographing The Bump

Dear Jaxon