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Iā€™m Vashti!

I am usually not wearing pants [mostly just at home], drinking coffee & sweet tea, obsessively cleaning my house, figuring out dinner for 3, running at the gym, trying to cut carbs, and overthinking ever single aspect of my life.

Working Out Post Pregnancy

As I try to get back into the blogging world, I am also trying to get my life in order post pregnancy.  I still have to write thank you cards for our baby shower, organize our closet and garage, and get our kitchen in order. 

Besides all of that I want to get back into working out, I am only a few pounds from my pre- pregnancy weight and I hope my lack of eating with a newborn schedule helps more than hurts. Eating is the last thing on the list when it comes to getting all done before the next feeding. 

Before I knew I was pregnant I had got into a really good workout routine and I was falling in love with it and I can't wait to start now that we have our own house, I have my own space to work out and I don't have to be confined to a certain time or factor in other people besides Eric and Jaxon when cooking. 

I do want to make sure it is known that I am in no rush to get into a certain size pants [although I do really love my pre-pregnancy pants, lol] or fill some standard but when your body has the urge to do something even, sometimes you have to listen. 

I honestly can't wait to be released by my doctor to start working out. I hope it gives me the energy I need since coffee is out of the question for a while. šŸ˜•  The cleaning house thing though I can wait on, although I desperately want to organize my kitchen. 

What is your go to work out?

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