When should I discard make up products?

Raise your hand if you are a makeup hoarder.  
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When Should I Discard Makeup Products? | Hello There, Love. Blog

I definitely love makeup especially when I get it on a special or have a coupon for it.  I love going to the store and ending up in the makeup section.  I know it just happens right.  I mostly hoard mascara and lipstick so I am very guilty of keeping items way past their validity date. 

Today I am going over all of the things you should throw out and when? 

3 Months
Mascara has the ability to harbor tons of bacteria, your lashes are literally there to protect your eye from debris.  So if its job is to stop debris from entering the eye then you know that it will collect bacteria from time to time. Since mascara is directly applied to the lashes and then the applicator is put back into the tube you are bound to have a build up of bacteria.  In order to avoid any type of infections or irritation, it is best to throw out your mascara after 3 months of usage.  

1 Year
It is recommended to discard your lipsticks after one year, once you start to see the little water drop like bumps on the top of your lipstick it is time to throw it out.  Lipsticks can last less than a year if you use them while sick with direct application.  It is recommended to use an applicator while sick but honestly, who wears lipstick when they are sick?

Powder Blush
Two Years
Typically if it is in powder form and you clean your brushes or beauty blenders properly and often any of your powder items should last you two years.  That is why it is detrimental to make sure all of your applicators are cleaned properly, I know I know it is terribly difficult to keep your brushes cleaned and I have heard stories of people who have NEVER washed their brushes.  It happens and they never have a break out or they do and blame it on something else.  

Powder / Liquid Foundation
2 Years / 1 Year
Depending on how you apply it, if you use your fingers a lot then it is best to throw away a little earlier than a year.  But if you use regularly washed brushes then it can last a year.  Liquid Foundations, when stored in a cool, dry place without direct sunlight, will last a year before it starts to separate once you start to see it separate discard it. Powder foundations depending on how they are applied, can last you up to two years

Nail Polish
1 Year
According to this article on InStyle.com you should throw out your nail polish after 1 year as long as it is stored properly.  I found a great blog post on how to store nail polish properly, definite must read.  I honestly don't. : | I do all of the wrongs of that post and I don't throw out my polish after just one year.  I haven't even used any of them within the year that I bought them.  Sad I know.  

1-5 Years
That is a big difference 1-5 years, but your brushes can last longer depending on the quality and the way you take care of them.  If you have higher quality brushes and you clean then daily [if used daily] then your brushes can last much longer.  If you don't wash your brushes [guilty!] then you can get a good year out of them and after probably need to throw them out to avoid bacteria build up [I believe which can contribute to break outs]. 

Johnson baby shampoo is a good tool to use for cleaning your brushes.  Desi Perkins has a great YouTube video on washing your brushes, you can find it here

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When do you discard your makeup products?  Are you guilty of hoarding like I do?