Easy Chicken Stir Fry Bowl


Happy Tuesday ❤️'s, remember I told you how I totally absolutely love everything about easy meals. Like everything

This meal here is easier than going to your parents for dinner instead of cooking yourself easy. Seriously.

I love vegetables but I hate when they go bad before I can even use them so I decided to try some frozen vegetables instead. I did have some hit and misses on frozen vegetables. I finally found a brand that doesn't skimp on the vegetables so when it comes to frozen I am loving Birds Eye because they give you the actual vegetables and not the left over pieces which I did notice in some other brands. 

With J having an off week last week with his sleeping schedule I was trying my best to find the easiest meals to throw together. I remember I had this bag of frozen veggies and decided on Stir Fry. 

It was pretty simple, I first put up two cups of rice into the rice cooker, then I started on the chicken.

I took two whole chicken breast sliced them into 3 inch strips then seasoned them with Pink Himalayan Salt, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, and black Pepper.

After the seasoning was on the chicken I put a tablespoon of olive oil in the non stick skillet and tossed the chicken in once the oil was hot. 

When the chicken had about 5 minutes left to cook I put the frozen vegetables into the microwave per the instructions and once they were done I tossed them into the pot with the chicken. Just to add a little more flavor to it I tossed the chicken and vegetables with some Teriyaki sauce.

The rice was done cooking and so I put the rice first then the chicken and vegetables mixture on top, and added some Sriracha for taste.  

E added more Teriyaki over it once his bowl was complete which is totally an option.  

Within about 20 minutes we had an easy dinner with left overs for me to have lunch.  

I call that folks winner, winner chicken dinner. 😉