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5 Simple Ways to Treat Yourself

5 Simple Ways to Treat Yourself

This past week J's allergies have been a real pain in the ass, we wanted to make sure that it wasn't a cold or something we needed to be worried about so we took him to his pediatrician and they assured us it was allergies. Which was a huge relief.

I have also been having a cough and some allergies related issues going on so it has been a rough few weeks for us.  

But even with all of that going in it can be hard to find some me time. I know what your thinking we told you to enjoy your alone time before baby.

Today I have 5 mom friendly ways to treat yourself without breaking the bank or losing a lot of free time. 


1. Mask 

I haven't done a face mask for quite some time and I wanted to do one the other day while J was down for his nap. I bought a brightening lemon mask from Urban outfitters a few months back and decided when J went down that would be my chance to get in some "face" time.  You see what I did there, lol. 

Ladies this can be tricky because J ended up waking up while my mask was still on and I had to kind of rock him back to sleep while hiding my face so he didn't get completely terrified šŸ˜³. 

This was my first sheet mask and I think I prefer the masks you have to wipe off your face but these are an easy option without all of the mess.   


2.  Mani / Pedi

I have a great tribe of folks behind us helping us raise J so on occasion when they are babysitting I make it a point to get my nails done, it can be a pricey option but totally worth it.  

I love it because I like picking out new nail color options and talking with my nail lady. 

If you are one to not like people touching your feet then invest in a good home spa or scented Epson Salt and help yourself, I have one that I received for my bridal shower I still need to test out. Everyone deserves to have pretty hands and feet especially during the summer! šŸ’… 

3.  Massage

Ohh I have been wanting to schedule me a massage for a while now, as you can guess a baby sleeping in your bed calls for some awkward sleeping arrangements and I kind of go where I fit at this point.  Which makes it very difficult on my back plus the added weight of J and my constant bad posture.  

Without trying my back is killing me so I am desperately in the need for a massage. My one tip would be to check reviews before going. I always check Yelp for reviews on places prior to checking them out.  

4.  Bubble Bath

You would think that a simple bubble bath wouldn't be hard to achieve especially if you have a garden tub in your master bedroom but it is very hard. I could totally jump in after J is down but all the noise from the water might wake him up and I don't want to take the chance during one of his naps.  I am waiting for a Sunday we aren't ripping and running so I can get everything just perfecr before jumping in.  

I'm thinking rose petals, candles and a little Jon B šŸ˜‚ a girl can dream right

5.  Flowers

No one ever said you couldn't buy your own damn flowers. 

I recently went to my local grocery store to pick up flowers for Mother's Day and I thought to myself I can buy the occasional bouquet for myself.  

Ladies you no longer need a special occasion to buy yourself flowers or for someone else to buy them for you. Just buy the damn flowers and treat yourself.  

The bouquets from my local grocery store were priced from $10-30 and the flowers were beautiful and lasted longer than the ones that E ordered for me from the online flower company. 

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