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The Tee Basics | How to Style your Basic Tees

The Tee Basics | How to Style your Basic Tees

This post does contain affiliate links which I may earn a commission on. The below is still a direct reflection of how I love basic tees and bitches for that matter. 

I am an absolute lover of basic tees, I won't go as far as calling myself a basic bitch but your girl loves her some basics tees. 

If I could find the perfect white basic tee, I would buy one tee 5 times just so I'd have one to wear for the "work week". I guess I am pretty basic after all. 

Anyways if you are basic like myself and love your basic tees then today I am giving you a couple of options on styling them.  

You can go from leggings to cut off shorts to Panama hats to baseball hats, your basic tee is something no girl should leave behind it is kind of the perfect mauve lip for all occasions. Whether it is a girls trip or vacationing with your boo pack yourself a basic tee and use my guide to help yo self out. 

Option One: Pair your perfect leggings with a hat or some shades and some runnings shoes.

Option Two:  Scoop up your favorite loungers pair that with a Panama hat and your go-to strappy sandals, top it off with a cute anklet and boom your ready for the perfect walk on the beach. 

Option Tres: Distressed shorts, a pair of new white converse, baseball cap with the perfect backpack purse and you are good to go. 

Option Four: Skinny Jeans, distressed are my favs, some chunky sandals, a cute simple necklace and your perfect shades and we are ready for some brunching. 

How do you style your basic tees?  


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