Beauty of the Beast


I was so excited to see Beauty & the Beast in theaters, it was one of my favorite Disney movies to watch growing up besides Lion King and Aladdin.

But of course, every time we try to get to a theater we are so pooped we decide against it. 

So once it came out on DVD I had to buy it and it just so happened that I was near a Best Buy and had a gift card 😃.  

I decided to wait for Friday evening and I figured I'd pop some popcorn and enjoy it all alone in our upstairs living room area while Eric watched the game but somehow he found himself upstairs snoring next to me ruining parts of the movie 😫. This is exactly why we don't waste money on movies E can snore perfectly fine on our couches. 

While I believe the movie was made very well I will always resort back to the original cartoon version no matter how old I get.  

I do know that the remake was well done but sometimes you just need to leave things alone.