Father's Day Weekend Mashup


This weekend was E's first time celebrating Father's Day for E, and it was so special to finally be able to celebrate with him.  I

There were times before when we thought that well this will be the time we finally get to celebrate Father's Day/Mother's Day and they would just fade past us but this year was different.  

Last year I was pregnant during Father's Day so it was really nice to have the thought of it in our minds but this year it finally came true.  I don't for one minute take for granted the fact that I can now say that out loud and celebrate.  There are still plenty of families that are currently struggling to be parents and as a once timer, I know the feeling and we are praying for you guys. 

I am just very happy that I was able to make E a daddy and that he and J have a wonderful relationship between the beard pulling and the loud giggles that happens on a daily basis in our household, plus the non-stop working that E does for the both of us and gives me the opportunity to stay home with J.  He is a wonderful daddy and husband.  

J is already saying "da da da" which I am still holding out for the Mama, with recognition but if not I totally get that J misses daddy but he will always be Mama's boy.  

A few weeks ago I was in Carter's with my friend and I noticed this little onesie that says "Happy First Father's Day, I love you!" and it just melted my heart.  The morning of Father's Day J woke up and we hopped out of bed, put on his onesie and waited for E to wake up so we can surprise him.  

It is always going to be the small things that we love doing for one another that makes every day life more special.  But I can't wait until J is older and starts having ideas of his own to do on special occassions but for now I am enjoying his gorgeous smile and his cuddles.

Happy Father's Day to all the fellas out there!