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Metal Marvels | Small Business Love


If you know me or have been recently following me, I decided I wanted to start showing my love for small businesses. 

My first purchase was with GirrlScout you can find that post here.  

I have been following Metal Marvels for quite some time and I finally got around to ordering from the site. I am actual in a group with the owner on Facebook and it is so nice to see the strides she has made in her business from a behind the scenes kind of aspect.  

The customer service, quality of the site, the social media is all on point. All I know is that I have never refreshed my email so much waiting for a newsletter, I mean girl got her business flow on fleek!  

But besides praising her for all the behind the scenes aspects of her business quality of the necklaces and bracelets that I ordered were amazing.  

The bracelets are thinner than the bangles, which no shit but the thickness of the metal itself is perfect. It is a bendable material so you can mend it to your wrist, my wrist are pretty small and they fit perfectly.  

The bangles are thicker which you can see the difference in the picture above but I love the thin bracelets paired with the thicker bangle.  It is the perfect "arm candy", not sure if that is a thing anymore.

The necklace is made out of the same material and it's pretty fucking perfect.   This isn't a sponsored post I'm just telling you some of the pretty amazing items I purchased from her store. 

Last Years' Files | Baby Jaxon's Gender Reveal

Last Years' Files | Baby Jaxon's Gender Reveal

#OOTD | Black and White

#OOTD | Black and White