Am I crazy?

I was just browsing through a mommy online community and these ladies are pregnant already after having babies around the same time as J, like within days of J.

My initial thoughts were "Nah I'm good. Buh-bye. WTF." You know things a sane person would say. I am not sane in any which leads me to my next thought. I immediately thought hell no, but soon after was like well I kinda wouldn't mind being in the same boat as these ladies.

Kids are tough and managing two would be difficult and life changing to say the least but honestly it took so long to have J, I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to have another even if it would be soon after J.

Life changes so much when you go from no kids in your house to a permanent little person crawling around.  It is a different rodeo than when I would watch my nieces and nephews and give them back at some point, when they are yours, they are yours. No take backs. 

We have discussed it and while having a baby amongst us is tough, we aren't doing anything to stop another one from entering the mix.  If I know anything from the journey we went through to have J, I know that God definitely has a plan for us.  J is definitely a part of some well thought out plan that would only come from up above. 

So am I crazy for not minding if I get knocked up so soon after baby #1? 

This adorable-ness is why we definitely want at least one more, if I don't go crazy first.