Enjoy, Sundays.

Sunday's for us lately have mostly been spent sitting poolside with the familia and for the most part we are pretty happy about it. Except for all of the things that have now piled up at the house that we need to recover from. 

But there is something really special about sitting on your own couch and sinking into it.  We honestly haven't had the chance to do it since J's arrival and it is really, really nice. 

Today J and E fell asleep on the couch while I edited a shoot that I did earlier this morning, it was nice it was what Sunday's should be.   If there were such a job as couch sitting, I'd be a professional

Most Sunday's we spend rushing out to breakfast because eh cooking on Sunday's are the worst and best thing, just not breakfast. 

Our lives have been pretty bleh, from busy work schedules, to crawling babies, dog's destroying our back yard and sprinkler system to personal life happenings.  So taking today to just sit back, relax, grocery shop, and enjoy our house for once was pretty nice.  

While we were out getting some groceries we decided to stop by this new pizza joint, I really don't want to share it with people but sometimes you can keep a good thing down.  And I really love pizza and new places and quality time with my boys.  

What is your favorite kind of Sunday?