After the storm.

As I am sure you have heard, there was an insane hurricane also known as Harvey that devastated a lot of Houston. The city where I was born and raised [well technically I was raised in Humble, TX but you get my drift], had drastically changed in a matter of days. 


As I drove home one night after the storm on my normal route home from my parents, my nephew and I saw all the devastation that Harvey has done in our area.   In a place that we call home, to see people with everything that they have out on their lawn for trash to pick up and not knowing what the inside of their houses look like or that they don't have a car to drive to work or what's going to happen for dinner for them or that they have to sleep in that house with nothing in it except an air mattress. 

It is so heartbreaking and just to know that my family was all fortunate enough to have houses not near water or not be in the situation that these families are in it's just heartbreaking.

Everyday it just makes me want to hug my son tighter and love on my house more and just be happy that we weren't in an affected area.  I want to spend days and times that I can when I don't have my son helping the people that are around us

It is crazy because I used to walk into places around here and never felt like I should call this place home because it felt so disconnected and just to drive by someone's house that I don't even know and to be saddened by the fact that they don't have the things that they once had materialistic or not it's just heartbreaking.  It is so sad and my heart hurts for all of these people and I wish and hope that I can do more and I  know that all the monetary donations don't bring back everything that you once had that made your house feel like home.  But, hopefully at some point we all can get back to a normal around here because I've grown up here, lived here all my life and it's sad to see all the stuff that's happening to all these people around us whether we know them or not.

If you would like to donate or help the victims of Harvey I ask that you chose wisely and locally. 

Here are a few that are helping victims now: