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Wild One Theme Birthday Shoot


Heyyy guys!  Today is J's first birthday!  I need to stop saying this but really I can't believe how fast time has gone.  I recently took a look back at our maternity photos I just would've never realized at that moment that I would be where I am now writing this blog, looking at these pictures.  It is crazy, y'all. 

I knew I needed to get invites sent out for J's birthday but his first birthday session was pushed back due to weather and I wasn't sure the invites would make it to houses on time so I decided I should take a stab at trying to get a couple of shots of J for his first birthday myself, I had all the equipment in my office and we had some time to kill before dad came home so I dived in. 

I planned to do the "Wild One' theme and had purchased a tee pee and his costume ahead of time so I got everything I could find around our house that would go with the theme and rolled with what I was getting.  J was very interested in the lights and instead of trying to force him to smile at the camera which is the most difficult thing at times I captured him being the "wild one" that he is.  I could eat him up I love him so. 

The set up was pretty simple and took no time at all so I set up every thing, tested the lighting and waited until the very end to get J in his costume, if there is one thing I have learned with J is that he doesn't like to be hot or in clothes at all for that matter. E was at work so he couldn't help me so it was just mommy and J.

I think they turned out pretty well for being photographed in our dining room and with no additional lighting as well. 

photography and editing was done by yours truly with a little help from Peter McKinnon presets

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