3 Easy Go-To Hair Styles for Short Hair

Happy Thursday y'all!

I have an upcoming girls trip and knew that packing all of my hair essentials wasn't going to be essential or worth the extra weight. 

Today I am sharing 3 easy short hair style options for every day, or for your next short trip. 

Since I last cut my hair, I decided to let it grow out and I am currently loving the length of my hair. I may let it grow all the way back to my waist but I guess I should at least see if I can let it get past my shoulders, lol. 

With my hair getting longer, it takes longer to curl so I know I needed to start utilizing my hairstyles while my hair was straight. My current straightening time probably takes about 10-15 minutes depending on interruptions from J. 

These options are great for those getaway weekends where you don't have space to pack shampoo, conditioner, brush, hair tools, etc., but can totally throw a good travel size dry shampoo in the bag and not lose too much space.  I also recommend getting a flat iron that you can also use to curl your hair with, it is a total space saver when packing for a short trip. 

3 Hair Styles for Short Hair


1. Sleek Straight Hair [Day 1 - 2]

If you are going on a 3-4 day trip your best option is starting with the straight hair look.

My hair is semi-thick so in order to get the straight look that I like I still have to section my hair and then flat iron it. I just use whatever clip I have near by but the one's that give you less texture to your hair the better, because it makes less that you have to remove during straightening. Hot tools and little ones don't mix well I try to be as quick as possible when working with them with J around. 



2. The Half Up High Pony [Day 2 - 3]

With short hair you only have half options most of the time, you can't put the all of your hair up so for me this is a good option. I can pair this with my baggy boyfriend jeans and a white top and Converse and be good to go. 

For the High Pony this just requires a thin hair tie and a top section of your hair and put it as high as your comfortable with.  


3. The Half Up Top Knot 

For the last day and the plane/car ride home I would recommend the half up top knot. 

Since your hair was already in the half up high pony it will be easy to transition to the top knot and hide any bump or anything in your hair. I would recommend using a couple of bobby pins to keep this tidy but just make a small bun and clean it up with the bobby pins.  


I sectioned these looks into the days that you can possibly wear them because it will be so much easier than having to pack a ton of items into your small bag when going on a trip.  I have been wanting to do my best to pack lighter when traveling because now that we have J bringing a bunch of unnecessary things kills me because there is so much that is necessary for him. 

I hope you guys love this post, I hope to do more of them.  

If you guys love seeing these options for shorter hair styles, please let me know in the comments or over on social media I'd love to hear more feedback from you. 

3 Foolproof Ways to Style Short Hair