5 Simple Ways to Stay Positive

5 Simple Ways to Stay Positive

1. Don't sweat the small stuff

Easier said than done I know but if you take a moment to take a breather even when things are INSANE, it can make a huge difference in your attitude/mood.

I can't tell you how many times, I was ready to lose my metaphorical shit but just gave myself a minute to think calmly about the situation or breath and I was able to just blow off whatever was bothering me or find a mentally better solution than the current. 

A couple of weeks ago I had an appointment, it wasn't a super important appointment but I had something scheduled.

Okay, I was going to Target with my SIL, it was important but not super important to be on-time. 

But that morning J, peed all over both of us which then meant we both had to take a bath.  Get breakfast and get dressed all under 30 minutes.  I normally give myself at least two hours of "getting ready" time for J and if I find time within those two hours to get make up on my face and my hair half resemble normal, we are lucky

That wasn't one of those days, but we were just going to Target and so I just let it go.  We made it to my SIL on time and the rest of the day was as much of a breeze as possible with J. [He isn't bad just really active since he started walking and it's either get out of the way, or run with him which left us both exhausted.]

2. Compliment Yourself

If no one else is going to do it, give yourself positive affirmations.  Have a quote ready every morning that makes you start the day off better than the last and remind you that we only have a limited time on this earth living it upset or in frustration doesn't make it enjoyable.

Being happy is just as easy as being mad.  There is a choice in the matter, so choose to be happy.  

3. Go out of your own way

I have been working my ass off on this blog and to say that I have been consistently posting for pretty much two months straight and have been able to get blog post pumped out, I am amazed. 

For the longest time I have had every. single. excuse in the book for why I haven't been as successful as most.  I mean I started doing this years ago before blogging was cool and before bloggers were the go-to influencers.  But I got in my own god damn way so I am still where I started 5 years ago, no where. 

This years motto is: progress over perfection and quality over quantity.

4. Eat Well

If you know me personally you definitely know that I get hangry and one thing I have learned is that I always need to make sure I have eaten.  But with a kid as most of you mom's know it is difficult to actually eat, so I have found ways to take last nights dinner to today's lunch.

I also know that drinking a lot of caffeine has a lot of bad effects on your body, today alone I found out that drinking caffeine during your lady week can cause an increase in cramping. 

So add more water to your diet especially before cycle week, it will also help with bloating and water retention which makes you look more pregnant than you actually are [referencing to my body not anyone else's].

I noticed that I drank more water when I finally found a tumbler with a straw, I found this one and I love it. I take it everywhere, ice water is my go-to and I know that there have been studies on this theory but increasing my water intake in general is what I am going for.  I do still have sweet tea but I try to cut it to one glass a day, everything else should be water. 

5. Sleep

I feel like sleep, water, and food are the three pillars of life, if you do all of these you are already on the right track to starting off in a positive way. 

I have noticed on the days that I don't get as much sleep I have the toughest day the next day. I do my best to handle situations as best as possible but things can seriously go left just because I didn't have a great night sleep or any sleep at all for that matter. Little ones aren't the greatest sleepers and I've learned the hard way that not putting your little one in their own bed or room is the wrong way to start this entire parent thing. Man I wish I put J in his crib from the start but emotions, Web MD, and SIDS got the best of this new mom. 

I know this isn't always possible because Adulting and all but if you don't get a great night sleep, do everyone a favor and set aside time to get in a nap.  

I recently found myself in not the greatest of moods because J's sleep has been disturbed for the past two nights but when he went down for a nap I did the same. I woke up feeling much better and was in a much better mood when handling J.  

Trust me as a mom we are the hardest on ourselves, we can be our worst critics and sometimes or all the time mostly it feels like the world rest on our shoulders but if I give you one piece of advice if you have the time, take the nap.