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Weekend Recap: Mother's Day Fail.


Mother's Day was great!
My attitude on the other hand not so much.

If you saw my instagram post on this topic then you know exactly what I am talking about. 

So my Mother's Day fail started on Saturday evening and apparently I was on a roll and wanted it to last the entire weekend, E came home with my gift and I was like nope, I don't want that.  Then to top it off I decided to have an attitude that E decided to leave the house to do a little work for his regular job on Sunday morning.  Now this I am still a little upset about and feel as though my feelings are in the right to an extent, but I am going to put my pride and attitude aside and be thankful and grateful that our finances and lives are being handled. 

As much as I say I could care less what everyone thinks, to an extent I do.  We recently have been helping my parent's out by running one of our family businesses and I don't want them to think that we are squandering money away.  While E has done an amazing job in managing, cleaning and building the business, no one will ever see that and it will always be about the money. 

People will still say things and haters will hate

So when E came home with a Chanel bag, my first notion wasn't OH MY GOD! YASS!  It was man everyone is going to say we are just throwing money away.  

I didn't think Oh hey he got me the perfume that I wanted!  I just assumed he spent over a $1000 on a purse I won't take care of, I am really rough on a lot of things I have which in his defense is not his problem.  

I am getting older and I do want more quality items in my wardrobe compared to a bunch of things in my wardrobe. I should've said thank you because this is a huge step up from the lack there of gifts that use to be holidays. 

To be honest, we had a really huge rough patch during the transition into parenthood and we have had a lot of discussions.  It has been really hard and I think maybe I have been making it a little too hard at times, communication is key and while we are decent at communicating we still fail in some areas and triumph and make changes in others. Marriage is and always will be a work in progress, as life is too. j

I have been praying a lot about all of it, including myself to be forgiving, understanding and much more patient with myself, my husband and J. 

I have faith in us and our family but I seriously need to learn how to stop giving so many fucks and just live life.  I am working on scheduling life, and getting into more of a routine with a lot of things but nothing is perfect and nothing changes over night.

I guess the moral or sum of this entire post is, stop making life so damn difficult.  

After all Mother's Day was spent with my husband and baby, all while enjoying our lives together. We had a little food, fun in the sun and I got to go to the store by myself. It was the perfect day. 


Mama Moments

Mama Moments

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