Summer Must Haves: Shoes Edition



The perfect summer sandal in my opinion, they give you height when you are a shortie like myself but stability to wear all day/night long.  I am a lover of comfortable wear so I wouldn't but it is a possibility.  I will always keep a pair of much more comfortable shoes close by either in the car or in my bag.  

What to Wear With:
I wear wedges with skinny jeans, shorts, maxi skirts, and even jumpsuits.  I personally don't do the wide legged jeans just because of my height so I can't recommend them but if you are taller and want to pair them with a wide pant, go for it! 


Chunky Heel Sandals

I recently wore these to a wedding and while we didn't stay long enough to dance the night away, I wasn't in a rush to take these off as soon as I hit the car.  I didn't jump on the chunky heel bandwagon right away.  I think what had originally turned me off was the platform style that launched and it wasn't really my thing.  I think a pointy heel is sexy but honestly not for this momma.  It is hard to walk in those suckers as it is to add a heavy Jaxon to the mix plus a diaper bag, no thanks! 

What to Wear With:
Just about anything, these are kind of an all around shoe that you can pair with any outfit to any occasion dress it up or down and day or night. 

Tennis Shoes

By far my favorite kind of shoe, these are a little harder to style as it can go with everything apparently that is this years trend I don't recommend it nor will you see me doing it. 

What to Wear With
Skinny Jeans
Work Out attire


Casual Shoes

This is your vans, converses, adidas original shell-toes

What to Wear With:
I would consider wearing this style with just about anything.  I have paired my converse with skater dresses, jeans, capris, maxi dresses, and I have worn them even with the basic chick leggings and a tee.  It is literal mom-attire.


Flat Sandals

My flat sandals are the ones that I wear on the fly, these are what I throw my painful shoes off for and what I make sure is in the car on those days that I go get a pedicure because you literally can't walk out of the salon with those other paper sandals. 

What to Wear With:
Anything in your closet, seriously.  Preferred to pack for when traveling.  



I picked up a couple of mules this year after seeing them all over social media and figured I'd give them a try.  I found a really cute pair at Target, and then this other black pair at American Eagle.  Great to throw on when traveling as well since they are easy to take off and put on. 

What to Wear With:
I have worn mine with skinny jeans and I wouldn't mind wearing them with a few other outfits as well.  These are another comfy chic shoe that you can wear with a lot of outfits.