I just needed some time.


Whew! You guys, I have no clue how the past couple of months have happened.  It has been a whirlwind of all of the things, and I mean all of the things. I feel like if it was meant to happen this year, it all happened in the past couple of months and let me tell you it sucked!

I literally stepped foot into Target for the first time in probably months and that isn’t much like me. Y'all know I love me some Target, I am sure my husband was perfectly fine with it though. 

There has been a lot of things going on in my personal life, that made it pretty much impossible to write.  I had a ton of personal stuff going on and sometimes it is easier to just sit back and let life happen before you spew craziness all over the internet.  

I try to stay true to you guys and not make it seem like my entire life is staged for photos or social media.  It’s just when you are going through things in your personal life that you’d rather not have all over the internet, it is better to just not

I recently felt pulled to take a break from the blogging and the social media aspects of everything that I am involved in and I feel like it was the best thing I could've done this year. 

If you follow me more on social you know that I am trying to get all of the things here on the blog and social much more organized and cohesive than it has been over the years.  

I have recently found that routine works well for me.  I need simplicity, calmness, and quiet with a life and work in order to create some sort of balance and I think I am finally getting closer and closer to it. 

Which means I needed to take the time to do all of this so that I am an organized, list checking, mama conquering, wife dominating, anxiety-ridden me. 

I can truly say the last time I was effortlessly happy was when I got pregnant with J and I want that again. I want the effortless happy again. I didn't even realize that I hadn't been laughing as much as I used to until it was pointed out to me. 

With that said going forward we are going to keep the blog: Fashion, Beauty, and Self-Care/Self-Love.  I did a few polls on IG and these were the things that everyone wanted to continue to see. And I am completely okay with that. 

I will do the occasional travel and food spot post from time to time but if you aren't following me on social media then take the time to do so now so that you can see my everyday things.

I am also working on a YouTube Channel that you can follow here.