Floral Print Romper

We have a cruise planned for later this year and I cannot wait!  I have been tagging and saving things that I want to buy so I can have a lot of outfits photographed while we are cruising the open seas.  E doesn't know it yet but he is working on this trip. LOL. 

I have a lot of hopes for this trip, as in I hope to vlog it, I hope to get tons of pictures of us and I hope to enjoy some alone time with my husband.  A few of my family members will be on the trip also so I know we will have a baby sitter too. Can I get a Hallelujah?

I have had this romper from Forever 21 for a couple of years now and it will be the perfect thing to wear on the cruise for a date night or even with a cute pair of sandals if we have a lunch off the ship.  You guys to say I am excited is an understatement!  I think the last time I was on a proper vacation as in not a weekend getaway to a city in Texas was like 5 years ago.  

I love this floral print because you can wear it to a baby shower, to a bridal party, or even on a tropical vacation [as in my case]. The material is loose and doesn't hug in all the wrong places, so it is perfect for me as a mom. I still have a couple of areas I'd like to tone, but I don't have to worry about it wearing this outfit.  Which is why I avoided wearing it for so long. 

I have been trying to eat better and healthier so I am hoping to start implementing some working out to tag team this tummy and if not, this romper still has me covered.