Self Care with Day Trips in Galveston, Texas

A friend of mine is currently going through a season in her life, and I knew she needed a day to herself so I decided to bring her along with me for a day trip to Galveston.


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Top Old Navy - Similar
Pants American Eagle - Similar
Shoes Steve Madden - Shoes

You never realize how much being close to the ocean can make you feel relaxed regardless of if you never actually get in the water.  

I normally take day trips to Galveston to meet a couple of girlfriends up for business talks and food.  It is nice to be close to the water, enjoy some alone time and get a bit inspired at times.

I could also use some me time myself so it was a win, win for both of us.  We spent some time touring the new Carr Mansion and after that, we had drinks close to the beach and then made the long trek back home. 

It was simple, and very much so what we both needed.  Sometimes self-care doesn't have to be this really expensive outing or a full spa day.  It can be a short trip to a city close to where you live that you get to explore, eat at a new restaurant, and spend some quality time with great friends.  

I love taking road trips but I always tend to forget that there is so much, so close to me that I haven't seen or explored yet.   


The Rosenberg Library / Museum


Porch Cafe