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Austin Baby, Yeah

Austin Baby, Yeah


Sorry, the title was a play on years of having to watch Austin Powers, lol. 

I recently visited Austin, TX with one of my girlfriends and we had a blast.  I don't think. I have ever walked away from a weekend with Teresa upset that I went on the trip. 

We have been to LA, Austin, Waco, Miami, Atlanta, and Las Vegas together.  We base our trips on food, and the hotel.  

I am going to recap our Austin trip today, and if you are planning a quick trip to Austin I have a few recommendations!



We stayed at the Hilton Hotel at 500 E 4th Street, Austin, TX - Downtown Austin and it was perfect.  The hotel is situated close to the downtown rail


Cannon + Belle 10 out of 10
I can't say enough about this restaurant.  Service was amazing! The food was delicious and it was in our HOTEL! I mean we could literally go to this place in our PJ's if we wanted. 


They are open only until 10P so that was a small hiccup when we were starving after a day of shopping but totally my fault and not theirs.

The mac and cheese was absolutely divine, the cornbread with butter bacon was extremely good, the cornbread has pieces of sweet corn in it so you would get a small bite of it in a couple of bites. The crab cake was really, really mouthwatering [we ended up getting all of this for dinner on Saturday night as well.] and they have this yummy sauce to go with it that makes it all come together perfectly.  

Travel to Lake Travis | hello vashti

Lucy's on the Lake [Lucy's Fried Chicken] 6 out of 10
The view was absolutely beautiful, if you are visiting and want to sit on the patio I'd wait closer to the cooler weather here in Austin.  The Fried Green Tomatoes were delicious, the sauce that they bring out is on the spicier side so definitely ask for another dipping sauce if you don't eat spicy food. The fried chicken and macaroni we tried both in my opinion could use some seasoning or flavor.  The meat was cooked perfectly, it just needed salt.  

Lucy's Fried Chicken Austin Texas | hello vashti
Fried Green Tomatoes - Where to Eat in Austin Texas | hello vashti

They made a homemade banana pudding that is really refreshing.  The cookies are crisp, the pudding is made with real bananas [not that box stuff], and it was really good. 

Service was great, somehow there was an issue with our Fried Green Tomatoes and salad so they comped it without us having to speak with a manager or ask for it to get comped.

Which I feel like is a speaks a lot about the restaurant.  Food can always be great, but I will never return to a place that has bad service.  Overall for the view, some of the food and the service I would definitely return. 

They also had sweet tea that was really, really good.  If you know me the places I eat depends on the sweet tea it serves, if it doesn't it can make or break me going.  

Overall I would go again for the view, the service, dessert and fried green tomatoes and absolutely perfect sweet tea. 


Hank's 8.5 out of 10
We had the grilled cheese and tomato bisque, and french fries.  During lunch time they have a half sandwich and soup or salad meal that was perfect so we could have something delicious but not too heavy since we planned on walking around The Domain for a bit.

Hank's is a beautiful restaurant with a friendly staff, and the perfect out the way location.  It had an hour wait our first night in town but definitely worth the wait if you can.  It has well-curated foods with really good service [our waiter Angel was well, an angel.] this place is worth the stop.  The decor is just beautiful and if you don't want to sit down and eat you can visit the cafe and grab something quick like a to-go coffee and pastry.

I can't wait to go back to visit and maybe to hang out on their beautiful patio.

Visit Hanks Austin | hello vashti
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