Toast & Twirl Workshop

I'm going to apologize now for the photo overload, but I wanted to share everything with you guys because it was absolutely amazing. 

Toast and Twirl #ootd 2018 | hello vashti

This past weekend I was able to attend the Toast and Twirl Workshop with ToastfromtheHost [Lauren Banzu] it was held at the Aris at Market Square and if you are looking for downtown living I can totally recommend visiting this place!  The lounge for residence is absolutely perfect, the pool is beautiful and the decor is just amazing.

If E and I were ever looking for a place to rent downtown I would totally keep this place in mind.  Give them a call to schedule a visit, I am sure you will fall in love. 

It was so much fun, we did a bunch of DIY's which oddly enough I like to do.  I saw some of my other blogger friends and I had just a good time being out with adults. 

I love being home with J but a girl likes to look at pretty things, have a mocktail or two and just relax.  

The workshop included 3 different DIYs:

Henna with Paisley and Swirls - I don't have any photos from our session doing Henna because the concentration that went into this session was intense. It was nice to know that I could do it if I really wanted to but I will leave it to the professionals.  It is just something nice to have done rather than try to do for yourself. 

Aris Decor Downtown Houston Living | hello vashti

Drinks with Elle Talk - Elle walked us through how to make pitcher sized drinks and individual drinks.  I did a mocktail and I have to say they were a pretty good drink for the summer; pretty, refreshing, and easy to make. 

Elle Talk Mixology Class Toast and Twirl Workshop | hello vashti

Florals with Casa de Flores - I have been wanting to get more flowers in the house since I spend a lot of time here so this class was probably my favorite.  I really loved all of the tips and tricks that Mariela taught us.  It was nice to know all of the tools you will need to make a beautiful garland. 

Casa de Flores DIY floral class | hello vashti


Let's Talk Swag.

Toast and Twirl Workshop Swag Bag | hello vashti
Twirl Cotton Candy | hello vashti
Aris Market Square Downtown Houston Living | hello vashti
Toast and Twirl Swag Bag Apron | hello vashti
Toast and Twirl Swag Bag 2018 | hello vashti