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When Winter Comes Dark Magic Makeup Look

When Winter Comes Dark Magic Makeup Look

YAY!  The Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Vault Collection launched last month and when I received it I, unfortunately, had to wait a few weeks before I had some time to play in all of it. 


But when I finally did, y'all I played.  And I played, and I played.

I absolutely love all of the colors, in all 4 palettes and for the price it wasn't a bad buy. 

It took me a while to purchase JH's first palette just because I wasn't sure I would use all of the colors but it was such the perfect palette I just couldn't resist.  I was also trying to increase the colors I had to play with and I was pretty impressed. 

I am sure if you have some beauty YouTubers that are your favorites to watch you are well aware of the backlash it was getting after some of them used or swatched them.  Which made Morphe push the launch back and redo all of the palettes.  

In my opinion, if a company is willing to publicly admit that they messed up and fix it, they are a good company in my book. 

Of course, the Dark Magic palette so far is one of my favorites because of the greens and blues in the palette but I have dabbled in using some of the other palettes and I cannot wait to see what I can come up with soon. 

If you did grab the vault collection or some of the palettes which one is your favorite?



I used Shhh all over the lid, then I went in with Mojo in the crease, I then cut the crease [apply concealer on lid to give the color more effectiveness] and used Inside Job on the lower lid.

I then blended Inside Job into Mojo with a blending brush.

After that I put a little bit of Power cut in the corner of the eye.  Then for a bit of added darkeness on my upper lash line I added a bit of temptress. 

I paired it with a combinated of Milani's Matte Naked to finish off the look. 

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