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A Mom's Review on Hello Fresh

A Mom's Review on Hello Fresh


Happy Friday, you filthy animal!
[that was an Austin Powers reference, I don’t think you’re filthy.]

Time is flying especially with a toddler! I have been so busy tidying up, and organizing all while J comes behind me and creates another mess.

/Mom-life am I right?/

For years, I kept seeing all the buzz about Hello Fresh and I was just like the cost is ridiculous. I mean who would pay 80 dollars for 3 meals?

Then Hello Fresh had this amazing deal for so much off of your first box, etc., and we tried it. And I. was. hooked!

When I sat down as a busy mom and women, I realized how much Hello Fresh freed up time, keep me a bit more sane, and helped with my dinner time schedule.

I found us eating dinner much earlier freeing up time for E and I to actually have a conversation and it not be in passing. We were able to fit in a movie on some nights before bedtime and we felt a bit more of a family rather than an ever moving circus.


With Hello Fresh, there is no going to the grocery store, there is no “oh, shit! I forgot the tomatoes”.

Everything you need for your meals is packed in these boxes, then separated neatly so each meal has a bag with the ingredients and then the meats are packaged separately.


All you’ll need is your oil, butter, salt, and pepper. But every thing else is perfectly proportioned out for your meal and delivered to your door.

There is no searching online for your groceries, loading your toddler in the car, and then running over to pick them up. There is also no running around a packed germ infested grocery store un-necessarily looking for everything you forgot you needed and trying to deter a toddler from everything they “need”.


So far we have loved all of the meals and I love learning how to make, creams, sauces, and other things I never would have tried had it not been in our box.

Most of the meals, Jax has been pretty fine eating. He isn’t a picky eater but he does love vegetables more than he does meats at the moment but if it comes with a sauce he will eat it.

So far I have learned how to make Chipotle Crema, Maple Mustard, Garlic Mayo, Garlic Herb Rice, and this Apple Carrot Slaw [I wish I ate all of in one sitting].

If you are delivering soon, having company over, or even trying to impress someone with your new found cooking skills. I completely recommend Hello Fresh.

You get to pick your meals for the week, so if you want to mix it up, have something a tad bit fancier [you will have to pay for an upgrade], or even just something simple as burger or tacos. They have it all!

Little to No waste

Another thing I love about using Hello Fresh is that we don’t have any waste, so there aren’t any bad tomatoes, onions, celery, carrots or any of that going bad in our refrigerator.

Which ends up being less things we need to “keep” in the fridge, less things that expire, less things that may cause the fridge to stink and for me less things to throw out when I do the weekly cleaning on Fridays.


All of the recipes I cook out of a book or via Pinterest all have me buying containers or packages at a time of ingredients that I don’t use for the rest of the week or month and then I find myself throwing so much out.

So for me, not having to throw anything I just paid extra money for verses the things that are proportioned out with Hello Fresh is another cost saver that I didn’t factor in initially.

Ease of Cooking

All or most of the recipes are pretty easy to cook, you aren’t having to cut the meats because they are already cut to whichever type of cut you need.

All of the ingredients are proportioned out if you are doing the 2 person meal you may have some left over ingredients, but nothing too major that you couldn’t either just use for another quick recipe or discard if needed.

With each meal box you receive recipe cards and with each card there step-by-step with photos on how to accomplish the recipe.

There is also information on what utensils you’ll need or extra ingredients that you should have around the house and if you don’t a quick pick up at the store should do the trick.


Final Thoughts

I will admit I was completely against these box meals at first but for me as a stay-at-home-mama, it has helped me so much in a space that I was stressing so needlessly about. I am an avid over-thinker and I desperately needed to take something so trivial off my plate.

If we do decide that adding another little one to our family is a good idea. I think Hello Fresh is the perfect way to prep meals prior to heading to the hospital or just having ready for when we return.

While I know as mom’s we should ask for help, E and I as a couple aren’t great at it yet. So being able to prepare fully for our family to increase, or just a busy week. We both agree that Hello Fresh is just one of those things we love.

And the best part, if you are going out of town or not feeling the meals planned for that week. You can skip that week or put your account on hold.

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