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Let's Talk Lash Extensions

Let's Talk Lash Extensions


Oh happy day!

I am writing this while spooning yummy delicious cinnamon milk leftover from Cinnamon Toast Crunch into J mouth wishing it was mine.

You guys this month is seriously FLYING by, this weekend I have a wedding to help photograph and then next weekend I’ll be headed to Nashville!

I feel like I have been waiting so long for this trip and now it is here and I am so unprepared, as usual.

I hope you girls had an amazing weekend with the Father’s in your lives, we spent the day relaxing and cooking together. It was one of the best days, just spending time at home with just the three of us.

Let’s talk some lash extensions!

I have to admit, I really love them.

A while back I received a free pair of lashes from Amazing Lash Studios but wasn’t really fond of the process, customer service and didn’t really care for lashes after that.

You can say I was a bit tainted but kept seeing a couple of my blogger friends who loved them and thought maybe it is just me.

I have been going to Laura at JustTooFlawless for all my waxing needs and have always wanted to try her for lash extensions but wasn’t sure I could find the time to get away from mom life in order to get them done.

It takes about 2 hours to get your initial set of lashes installed and then after that your refills will take about an hour.

I finally made time and got them done.

Initial Reaction

At first the weight of the lashes felt a bit too heavy for me to consider keeping them for a prolong period of time but just like a muscle it felt better and better the longer I had them.

I already have a pretty hard time getting to the gym so I was a bit worried about making time to get them done and then the cost was a bit much for me.

I just decided that I would alternate on doing my nails one month then my lashes another. Once you start getting refills the cost is less than doing your nails, plus my nails needed a much needed break from all the damage I had done.

If you messaged me after I got them done, I probably told you they just weren’t for me and at the time it was most definitely true.

Make up

I follow @Girrlscout and she has lash extensions and loves them and has a couple of videos showing how to wear makeup, how to remove make up, and etc.

I just haven’t felt the need to go through all of the trouble to wear makeup unless we were going out to dinner, etc.

I think I have may have worn makeup a total of 3 times since I had my lashes done in May. If you keep up with me on instagram I have been having a ton of skin issues [which I think are gut related] and I was trying to keep make up that could be causing more issues off my face completely.


Care of Lashes

You will need to use an oil-free make up remover. The oil in the remover will break down the glue holding the lashes on yours and will cause them to fall out.

It is recommended to wear powder-less eye shadows, cream shadows are ideal. I don’t have many cream shadows so I didn’t wear a ton of eye make up during this process. But I think it is possible just not ideal to wear powder eye shadows because it gets into the lashes and it can be difficult to get the powder out since you can scrub the lashes.

You will need to have them done about every 3-4 weeks. I have gone once for a refill since having them put on at the end of May so it also just depends on you.

Just as you brush your teeth and hair, you will need to brush your lashes out daily. I just work it into my daily routine.

Laura said that removing them and giving your lashes a break every 3 months is ideal some girls don’t but I think I will.


I seem to be having some sort of reaction to the glue used with Laura so there is a 3-4 day period where I have to use eye drops for my eyes to feel better.

I have redness and dry eyes during that period which can be a bit frustrating. But this is something I have noticed when I looked at a bunch of other highly recommended lash gurus.

Finding your Lash guru

I am not afraid to ask someone in public where they had them done, who did them, and their thoughts.

I highly recommend looking at reviews, calling and asking any questions you may have, and figuring out who suites you.

I am not one of those people who like to go to different people for all the things once I find someone I love, I stick with them. I love Laura so if we can find another glue option then I will continue to go to her.

She did highly recommend visiting another lash studio and seeing if I like them better. She said every technique, process and customer service is different so she would prefer you are comfortable where you go, which is why I love her.

lash extension.png

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Lash Extensions or any questions you may have.

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