Currently Crushing: Bloggers Edition

Aye! Happy Friday.

I swear this week has been one of the most draining yet rewarding weeks I have had in the longest time. I have been working on how I can work batch work into my life as a blogger and stay-at-home-mama.

If you missed that post you can find it here.

But today I wanted to do something fun, and talk with you girls about some of my favorite bloggers.

I didn’t do an entire slew of blogger because I feel like with too much information you don’t really read all of it and trust me these girls you want to follow.

The Honey Bee

The Honey Bee

California Based Blogger Andee Layne of The Honey Bee is one of my absolute favorite bloggers.

I love her style + her gumption, girl has her shit together.

And if you don’t watch her stories, Steven her husband is hilarious and reminds me so much of E.

I feel like interaction with your audience is crucial, and Andee tries to respond to most of the DMs I send her which is really cool and makes me feel noticed as a reader.

Her style is very similar to mine, I love how she pairs simple band tees with her favorite pair of jeans.

She also shares a lot of fitness, home decor, travel and life with kiddo updates on her blog which I love as a new mama.

I am still waiting for a blog post on a day in the life of Andee because I seriously have no clue how she does it all.

If I could be my dream mom it would totally be Andee.

life by lee

Life by Lee

Okay I just started following Lee Ann but I have no clue why?

She is a Texas specifically Austin blogger so I feel like she would totally get me, she also has two kiddos and a lot of her purchases and outfit shares are much more in my budget range.

She was recently in Houston at the Create & Cultivate workshop they had and I totally missed it!

Her humor is on point, I found one of her Try-On videos on YouTube and laughed the entire time, then was like “Oh! I have to go friend her.”

I feel like if you want an true honest review on an item, not like the ones under the item your trying to buy like “fits great”, check her out.

A couple of my recent purchases for my newly curated wardrobe were recommendations from Lee Anne, yeah we are on a first name basis.

a fabulous fete

A Fabulous Fete

Lauren, a Cali-based Calligraphy Artist [& everything else]

If you doodled like I did in school and you are infatuated with calligraphy like I am. Follow Lauren! Her work is amazing and I love all the other parts of her blog as well.

I am one of those girls who loves a good written like physically written word, and I swear anything she writes is beautiful.

I found A Fabulous Fete, oddly on Pinterest while I was browsing blog designs! I know right?

She is kind of a do-it-all type of account to me.

She has home-decor/reno, flower styling, calligraphy, travel, cheeseboards, diy’s, printables, tips/tricks, etc.

Her vibe is what I could only hope I can achieve one day. I love all her tips on creating a welcoming space for guest or even just yourself.

A lot of the times we prepare our homes for other people and completely forget that we need a space to feel “at-home” and welcomed.


We will be building our dream house in the future and I will definitely putting some of her design ideas on my dream board.

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