Young Living Mint Facial Scrub

Alright ladies!

As you know I am a pure advocate for skin care, because I absolutely love baring it all and not wearing makeup most days.

I am incredibly lucky that, I don’t have a lot of breakouts or acne spots unless it is that particular time of the month. 

Lately I have been trying to make my skin care routine as clean as possible so that I avoid putting harsh chemicals on my skin, because I feel like a lot of our health issues aren’t just reliant on what we put in our body but on it as well.

When it came time to have J we had a long struggle of years of fertility issues, taking clomid, doing IUI’s, IVF in Mexico which all failed and then in 2016 we finally were pregnant after I believe almost 6 years of actively trying with fertility. 

I had finally given up and wanted to take a break before we saw doctors again, and then a couple months later found out we were pregnant.

I figured I should start looking at all the things I am putting in my body, having in my environment [airborne, etc.], and using on my body.

You start to evaluate a lot of things in order to pin point what is causing issues in your life, and while a lot of what we put in our body effects us, on occasion what we put especially on our skin can as well.

I haven’t talked much about it on here, but I am a distributor for Young Living Oils and without going into a long rant in this post oils has helped me a lot with emotional, mental, and physical health.  I can’t even begin to say enough great things about it.

So a couple of orders ago, I picked up the Young Living Mint Facial Scrub.  I absolutely love scrubs because I feel like it helps a lot get rid of things on the surface that face wash doesn’t. 

The scrub has this minty refreshing tingly sensation as you apply it and leaves my face incredibly smooth as well, just like a babies butt.

This isn’t something you can get at your local drug store, but through myself or another YL distributor.  I went from using St. Ives and I know that this isn’t a brand that I can compare to any other quality skin care line but it worked for me for years and now I have decided to change over to the YL scrub.

It was brought to my attention after a reader saw my IG post on this scrub that, scrubs both in skin care aren’t essentially great for every day use.

I have not done a ton of research on skin care and I am no where near a professional in the matter, I am just stating what I use on my skin that helps me keep my skin free of acne scars, and dead skin cells.


Orange Fall Inspired Makeup Look

Summer is coming to a screeching halt with school starting for most and going to start this upcoming week for others. I have already started to get Fall inspired styles and makeup looks ready for you guys over on the blog and this is the first look I have ready.

I desperately need to work on my winged liner! If you have tips for me, let ya girl know!

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Summer Edition: Top 10 Products for Better Skin

Man I conquered yesterday like a boss!

I was able to get a ton of household chores done because my house looked like a total disaster.  [At least in my eyes] 

Toys were everywhere, J had shoes thrown all over the house and laundry was at it's wits end.  The problem with laundry I guess, is that it is never ending then E and I have wayy to much clothes.  I have boxes in our garage that need to go to the donation center asap.  

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Creating a Day to Night #MOTD

I have watched so many videos over the years that I knew I wanted to have my own channel one day but I wasn’t sure I wanted to put myself out there.

It is really scary, but my friends kept urging me to do it and I knew that eventually I needed to put my nerves to the side and make the jump. 

Especially when my niece is telling me I have no excuses I knew it was time to do it.  

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Polished Pink

I recently picked up this beautiful pink lipstick "Blake's Pink" by Loreal.  

If I never mentioned it before Blake Lively is one of my favorite style icons. I love how a lot of her simple styles are always a hit with the fashion community.  Plus on top of it all she is naturally beautiful.

I used the lipstick color for inspiration on the overall look, it is a very bright pink color with some peach like undertones.  

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Pinks for the Summer

Disclaimer:  This post contains links to all of the products I used in this makeup look at no extra cost to you I may earn a small commission off of any purchase or clicks.  

hello there, loves! 

I am back today with this beautiful transition of pinks!  I recently went to The Orlando Salon to update my locks and Orlando did this beautiful transition of pinks in my hair.  I just knew that I had to pay homage to his beautiful work and do a make up look to compliment the hair.

I used my new morphe 3502 Second Nature Palette that finally was restocked at my local Ulta, and created some beautiful transitional pinks. I also used my first eye shadow palette ever the Naked Palette to get some of the pinks with shimmer.  

Now I am typically not a shimmery kind of girl but I knew that I needed to add some to this look because if the sun hits my hair at the right spots I can really see some shimmer in the color. 

Orlando does an amazing job on my hair and I remember when I first started going to him he busted out this make up brush to blend my hair color and I was like, this guy is going to do great things because he isn't the norm.  He doesn't try to fit in some box and I love that about him. 

Make Up Products
Eylure Lashes Accents
Urban Decay Naked Palette
Morphe 35O2 Blend the Rules - Second Nature Palette
Maybelline Lash Sensational Curvitude Mascara

Nars Foundation Stick - Tahoe
Mac Blush Fleur Power
Becca Cosmetics Champagne Pop

Lipstick - Loreal Colour Riche 712 Matte Mandate
Liner - Milani 08 Fuchsia Color Statement Liner


The Perfect Summer Lip

*this post contains affilate links that I may earn a small commission if a purchase is made, it is at no extra cost to you. 

Hello loves! 

I am so excited to share this look with you guys today it is by far one of my favorite looks.

A couple of weeks ago when the weather was still gloomy and cold, I wanted to use my Morphe 350 Palette and lighten up my mood.  

Some days when J goes down for a nap I take some time for myself and do my makeup, I am trying to build the courage to eventually do videos and maybe vlogs but until then these little blog post will have to do the trick. It is a lot of work doing videos so I want to make sure I am doing my best. 

I had picked up this palette knowing that with summer right around the corner I would want to do some brighter pretty colors.

I am still struggling in the false lash department the application just stresses me out and I end up regretting even using them.  

I am still going to keep practicing maybe even more when I don’t do my makeup and see how it works out. If you have any tips for me I would love to hear them.  

This makeup look was inspired by Summer and the orange remind me of that color you see right as the sun is setting. 

Lip: Revlon Siren
Eye Shadow Palette: Morphe 350
Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hill Brow Definer
Earrings: Forever 21
Eyelashes: Eyelure
Foundation: Fenty Beauty 360 Neutral Olive