The Perfect Summer Lip

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Hello loves! 

I am so excited to share this look with you guys today it is by far one of my favorite looks.

A couple of weeks ago when the weather was still gloomy and cold, I wanted to use my Morphe 350 Palette and lighten up my mood.  

Some days when J goes down for a nap I take some time for myself and do my makeup, I am trying to build the courage to eventually do videos and maybe vlogs but until then these little blog post will have to do the trick. It is a lot of work doing videos so I want to make sure I am doing my best. 

I had picked up this palette knowing that with summer right around the corner I would want to do some brighter pretty colors.

I am still struggling in the false lash department the application just stresses me out and I end up regretting even using them.  

I am still going to keep practicing maybe even more when I don’t do my makeup and see how it works out. If you have any tips for me I would love to hear them.  

This makeup look was inspired by Summer and the orange remind me of that color you see right as the sun is setting. 

Lip: Revlon Siren
Eye Shadow Palette: Morphe 350
Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hill Brow Definer
Earrings: Forever 21
Eyelashes: Eyelure
Foundation: Fenty Beauty 360 Neutral Olive


Eating better for healthier skin

Most of my life I have received the compliment of  "your skin is gorgeous" when I post non-makeup photos and I never really thought anything of it until I started to do some research. 

I have really dark circles and while I know they kind of come with the culture I really wanted badly for them to go away but lack of sleep kind of keeps them around, so while this isn't my research on how to lighten up dark circles [besides get more sleep] this is what is best to eat for healthier skin.


1. Water
As much as I hate to say this, my skin always looks better when I have a higher water in take than my normal none.  Sometimes that isn't always as easy, I don't just drink a lot of fluids a day so it ends up being something I have to make myself do it but keeping a tumbler of water close makes it easier to do. 
I picked up this tumbler a while back on amazon and love it, especially because it comes with metal straws and it keeps my water cold for hours! I also noticed that having a straw makes me drink more water, I typically will fill it up before bed time too.  


2. Avocados
Do I really need to convince you to eat avocados? I love these things and most of the dinners I post on social have a huge helping of avocados on the plate.  I love them. But according to the research that I have done avocados are high in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids which means goodness for top layer of your skin.   They both help to keep your skin maintain moisture, health, fight inflammation and skin sensitivity.

3. Green Tea
Y'all I was a tea drinker way before I was a coffee drinker, but since both are pretty good for skin care  I am often a coffee drink, who is a lover of green tea and sweet tea of course. Green Tea is also a fighter of inflammation and it also helps in gearing the skin up to protect against harmful UV rays. 

4. Nuts & Almonds
In trying to eat better we snack more often than usual.  I found these great Sargento packs with cheese, nuts and dried fruit that are good on the go but when I can I try to buy walnuts, almonds and cashews. 

Walnuts are also a great helper for skin sensitivity and inflammation which since summer is coming up and we spend a lot of time outside. Eating more walnuts will be a great additive to your salad, snacking, etc. 


5. Spinach 
Spinach is one of those foods that clean you from the inside out and it helps all of the toxins that you have inside of your body, leave your body. It is also a great source of Vitamin A, C & E.


6. Sardines
Growing up from in a Trinidadian family, Sardines were a huge part of "snacking" growing up. We typically get them in Olive Oil which is another great aspect of food that is healthy for your skin, inner and outer. 

But, they help dry skin.  The oils found in Sardines can help moisturize due to the natural oils found in them.

Growing up from in a Trinidadian family, Sardines were a huge part of "snacking" growing up. We typically get them in Olive Oil which is another great aspect of food that is healthy for your skin, inner and outer. 

But, they help dry skin.  The oils found in Sardines can help moisturize due to the natural oils found in them.


8. Bell Peppers & Veggies in general

Red bell pepper are beneficial for more than just your skin because they contain cancer fighting carotenoids: lutein, beta-cryptoxanthin and zeaxanthin. They also contain twice as much Vitamin C which helps form collagen and that is require to help your skin remain healthy. 

Yellow, Green, and Orange bell peppers are also highly beneficial for your entire health overall.  

Olive & Auburn : St Patrick's Day Inspired Look

*this post may contain affiliate links where I will earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

Hello loves! 

Last week I did this St. Patrick Day inspired make up look and I absolutely loved it! 

I have always been a huge fan of green but always struggled with wearing it. I mean I have an olive undertone and I'm sure it compliments my skin really well but finding great greens to wear can be difficult. 

I solely used my Japonesque palette for this eye look and I'm in love.  

I honestly feel like this palette is very versatile for the upcoming months and it's pretty perfect for all of the spring/summer colors that I'll be gravitating towards. 

Let me know how or if you like or love it. πŸ™‚ 


just to feel pretty.

Not sure you are a frequenter or you are new here but I recently decided that I wanted to start upping my game when it came to this little ole blog of mine.

I want to make sure that my readers know that there is effort put into it and while this was a hobby before, I really want to do this full time.  Writing and photography have always been passions of mine and this blog gives me the place to perfect the two.  

Last week I had no intention of going out or doing anything special but I really just wanted to feel pretty.  I recently had a pretty shitty day and I was pretty down on myself.  I got tired of sitting back and just going through the motions of the day without any real effort in myself. Don't get me wrong I really love not wearing make-up more so since having J because he has a habit of biting my face [don't ask] and I don't want the "chemicals" to be ingested by him.  

No this isn't a plea for chemical-free make up it is just me being what I assume is super cautious even though as I type this he is chewing on a baby wipe [what is the deal with that anyways].  

I did my make-up and decided to take a couple of self-portraits which I have been trying to achieve a great SP for quite some time and I don't just mean a selfie, even though I do love me some selfies. 

Make Up Details

Foundation - Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation
Concealer - Nars Med/Dark Caramel
Highlight - Hard Candy Twinkle Star
Lipstick - Milani Matte Darling #74
Mascara - Almay One Coat Thickening
Blush - MAC Fleur Power
Highlight/Contour Stick - Hard Candy Deep


I took a few in a well lit area and then went upstairs for a little less light so you could see the difference. 

5 Simple Ways to Treat Yourself

This past week J's allergies have been a real pain in the ass, we wanted to make sure that it wasn't a cold or something we needed to be worried about so we took him to his pediatrician and they assured us it was allergies. Which was a huge relief.

I have also been having a cough and some allergies related issues going on so it has been a rough few weeks for us.  

But even with all of that going in it can be hard to find some me time. I know what your thinking we told you to enjoy your alone time before baby.

Today I have 5 mom friendly ways to treat yourself without breaking the bank or losing a lot of free time. 


1. Mask 

I haven't done a face mask for quite some time and I wanted to do one the other day while J was down for his nap. I bought a brightening lemon mask from Urban outfitters a few months back and decided when J went down that would be my chance to get in some "face" time.  You see what I did there, lol. 

Ladies this can be tricky because J ended up waking up while my mask was still on and I had to kind of rock him back to sleep while hiding my face so he didn't get completely terrified 😳. 

This was my first sheet mask and I think I prefer the masks you have to wipe off your face but these are an easy option without all of the mess.   


2.  Mani / Pedi

I have a great tribe of folks behind us helping us raise J so on occasion when they are babysitting I make it a point to get my nails done, it can be a pricey option but totally worth it.  

I love it because I like picking out new nail color options and talking with my nail lady. 

If you are one to not like people touching your feet then invest in a good home spa or scented Epson Salt and help yourself, I have one that I received for my bridal shower I still need to test out. Everyone deserves to have pretty hands and feet especially during the summer! πŸ’… 

3.  Massage

Ohh I have been wanting to schedule me a massage for a while now, as you can guess a baby sleeping in your bed calls for some awkward sleeping arrangements and I kind of go where I fit at this point.  Which makes it very difficult on my back plus the added weight of J and my constant bad posture.  

Without trying my back is killing me so I am desperately in the need for a massage. My one tip would be to check reviews before going. I always check Yelp for reviews on places prior to checking them out.  

4.  Bubble Bath

You would think that a simple bubble bath wouldn't be hard to achieve especially if you have a garden tub in your master bedroom but it is very hard. I could totally jump in after J is down but all the noise from the water might wake him up and I don't want to take the chance during one of his naps.  I am waiting for a Sunday we aren't ripping and running so I can get everything just perfecr before jumping in.  

I'm thinking rose petals, candles and a little Jon B πŸ˜‚ a girl can dream right

5.  Flowers

No one ever said you couldn't buy your own damn flowers. 

I recently went to my local grocery store to pick up flowers for Mother's Day and I thought to myself I can buy the occasional bouquet for myself.  

Ladies you no longer need a special occasion to buy yourself flowers or for someone else to buy them for you. Just buy the damn flowers and treat yourself.  

The bouquets from my local grocery store were priced from $10-30 and the flowers were beautiful and lasted longer than the ones that E ordered for me from the online flower company.