Jaxon is 6 months

Jaxon is 6 Months! | hello there, love. blog
Jaxon is 6 Months! | hello there, love. blog
Jaxon is 6 Months! | hello there, love. blog
Jaxon is 6 Months! | hello there, love. blog

I know I write this every single time but time is flying way too fast. I feel like it was a short while ago they I had my little Papa! And oddly enough I'm missing being pregnant, yes you can call me crazy. 

This month he will turn 6 months and I cannot believe it, I guess I should start planning his 1st birthday party. It is just so hard to believe that he is half way through his first year. Seriously, where is the time going? 

I have been planning to put up a couple of photos in our house so I decided it was time to dress him up and get some more shots of him. 

Currently Jaxon is: 

Finding his voice he recently started saying his "Dada Da".  Not to be confused with Dada nope I'm not counting that as daddy 😂. Can you tell someone is jealous? He does love his daddy though. 

He loves to watch Mickey Mouse and PJ Masks. 

He is wearing a 6-12 or 9 and 12 months clothing, I literally had to cut him out of an outfit recently 🙈.  

He loves to pull on hair and mostly daddy's beard.  

He is sitting up really well, turning on his side, and rolling over. We have to be very careful with him.  Edit: He is pulling and moving very quickly since I wrote the post originally. Whew! boy can move. 

He loves bath time and a lot of the water ends up on the kitchen floor.   We may move to the big tub soon. Edit: we are now in a full bath tub with a sponge for his cute little tush. 

Mommy is debating on putting him in swimming classes since grandma and grandpa have a pool.  

He is eating any and all baby food that is given to him, but his favorites so far are sweet potatoes. We are saving the bananas for last 💕. Edit: we moved up to second foods, we tried bananas and he didn't like it much, we will try again. He isn't a fan of sweet potatoes and turkey at all. 

He still loves to be rocked to sleep and mommy isn't mad about it. 

I am loving these moments with Jaxon and I am so happy to have somewhere to document it all. I am also so very grateful for my husband for working so hard for us and this mom to be able to stay home. 

We are both thankful to our families that help us out with Jaxon so we can have time together, get errands done, and love on him so much. We love seeing you guys love him so much.