Easter Weekend


Happy Monday y'all! J and I are still in bed hanging out, it is moments like these where I don't have to worry about missing too many days of work that made quitting my full time so necessary.  I can stay home and enjoy him as a little one, which made everything so worth it. 

Last night he woke more often than usual and it was a little rougher for me to wake up early to do our normal routine, plus staying home and spending more time with him is the reason I wanted to stay home.

Yesterday was all about spending time with family, we went to E's mom hung out and ate amazing food. E tried to help me take outfit pictures and as you can tell that was hilarious in itself. After we were done there we passed by my parents so they could see J for a little while then home to our bed. 

And that is the best way to spend Sunday's unless your curled up on the couch with a movie, which we haven't done in a while. 😕 

This was the last piece I picked up from the VBxTarget collection and it is so perfect. 

I knew it would be the best outfit for Easter and I am glad I waited to share it with you guys. Plus not having to dig through my closet for something to wear for an event for once in my life is like a miracle or an eclipse it only happens every so often 😫. 

Well I gotta get back to J who is currently being the best baby and watching some cartoons. 😍 

Until next time loves! 😘 


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