Girrl Scout Haul

Is it really a haul if I only bought 3 items? I know I am an idiot but in my defense a girl can't go quitting her job and ballin' out of control all at the same time.

I am controlling myself here. I promise. : | 

I probably should've waited to share these but fuck it.

If you don't know about Girrl Scout you should, I can't remember when or how I found her but I did and that is all that matters.  She is pretty amaze-balls I mean just go look at her IG 😳 girls got a name for herself and thankfully enough she isn't a douche-bag like some bloggers I know. 

There are a couple of things I typically like to keep to myself, my hair professional and my awesome people finds. I have shared my awesome hair guy and so now Im sharing one of my awesome people with you. Consider yourself lucky. 

My hair guy I couldnt not share because he is awesome and girrl scout isn't something you keep to yourself. 

It took me forever to finally order from her because well I have a shopping problem and I am just an idiot but that ended with her recent restock. I finally got my hands on some of her goodies, that sounds bad let's say merchandise okay I am not helping the situation. Let's move on. 

I am a huge weirdo when it comes to the quality of items I purchase, I like the things I wear to feel great. I don't like itchy, weird cheap material on my body especially since this is something that I have on typically longer than 8 hours a day. 

When I opened the bag for the knock'em dead hoodie I almost jumped out of my skin out of pure excitement the material is fucking awesome, I mean I won't let this sucker out of my site because if I lose it I may cry awesome. 

The bonafide weirdo tee is too perfect, it legit will go perfectly with my ripped black pants I picked up from ASOS a few years back.  

And if you don't believe me order her merchandise the quality is the best! This stuff makes me question all of the stuff in my closet, all if it. 🙄

The next thing I get praying it is still available is the face shit bag because where am I supposed to put all my makeup? 🙈 

also this isn't sponsored, I just love her blog and shop. 

Be prepared for the awesome-ness below.