Mama Moments

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a blog while I was looking for #mommybloggers like myself and found the Honest Mama Blog, written by Hannah and it was one of those findings that was the right time, right place type of thing.


After reading most of the things she wrote, I  thought well maybe I should start a series here on my blog doing something similar.  Now I am no where near as great of a writer as Hannah and I entirely encourage you to read a lot of what she wrote because not only is it good writing but a lot of what she has to say isn't out there in the world. And us not-so-perfect Mama's need to hear it. 

The world has sugar-coated everything out there regarding Motherhood and made a lot of us feel like shitty mom's because our experience isn't what everyone says it would be/should be. 

Mothering at it's finest is hard. If you find a mom on social or in real life that is acting like her shit is together, she is doing just that acting. 

Now don't get me wrong motherhood has it's perks.  The moment when Jax says "mama", I am all weak in the knees in love, or when he cuddles me in the morning.  When he grabs my hand to walk down the stairs, or when he finds me in the middle of the night so he can lay next to me.  It is the absolute best feeling in the world and I am so grateful to be his mama. Absolutely grateful!

All of those plus much much more is the great part about being a mommy/parent.  But then you also have other moments that no one tells you about or they forget completely.  

And they leave you feeling like you should be walking around with a shirt that says world worst mom, ever! 

Because there are those moments where you are like "I am getting one thing from the store and then we will head back home", so you don't pack all of the things for the baby on your way out, like a change of clothes and he ends up somehow peeing through his diaper and all over his clothing. 

So instead of  the one thing, it turns into a bunch of things and you can never cleverly explain to your husband why you can never walk out of Target under $100 🤦🏽‍♀️

Moral of the story motherhood can be very hard at times and you need all the help and support you can get, my advice to you is take it. If they are offering more than likely they want to watch you little one, or they know what exhaustion looks like, feels like and honestly just want to help. 

Another note, the judgement from others has been there all your life and it just intensifies when you become a mommy, my recommendation is to develop thicker skin, or don't give a shit mentality, and you keep your head held high.

After the storm.

As I am sure you have heard, there was an insane hurricane also known as Harvey that devastated a lot of Houston. The city where I was born and raised [well technically I was raised in Humble, TX but you get my drift], had drastically changed in a matter of days. 


As I drove home one night after the storm on my normal route home from my parents, my nephew and I saw all the devastation that Harvey has done in our area.   In a place that we call home, to see people with everything that they have out on their lawn for trash to pick up and not knowing what the inside of their houses look like or that they don't have a car to drive to work or what's going to happen for dinner for them or that they have to sleep in that house with nothing in it except an air mattress. 

It is so heartbreaking and just to know that my family was all fortunate enough to have houses not near water or not be in the situation that these families are in it's just heartbreaking.

Everyday it just makes me want to hug my son tighter and love on my house more and just be happy that we weren't in an affected area.  I want to spend days and times that I can when I don't have my son helping the people that are around us

It is crazy because I used to walk into places around here and never felt like I should call this place home because it felt so disconnected and just to drive by someone's house that I don't even know and to be saddened by the fact that they don't have the things that they once had materialistic or not it's just heartbreaking.  It is so sad and my heart hurts for all of these people and I wish and hope that I can do more and I  know that all the monetary donations don't bring back everything that you once had that made your house feel like home.  But, hopefully at some point we all can get back to a normal around here because I've grown up here, lived here all my life and it's sad to see all the stuff that's happening to all these people around us whether we know them or not.

If you would like to donate or help the victims of Harvey I ask that you chose wisely and locally. 

Here are a few that are helping victims now: