Olive & Auburn : St Patrick's Day Inspired Look

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Hello loves! 

Last week I did this St. Patrick Day inspired make up look and I absolutely loved it! 

I have always been a huge fan of green but always struggled with wearing it. I mean I have an olive undertone and I'm sure it compliments my skin really well but finding great greens to wear can be difficult. 

I solely used my Japonesque palette for this eye look and I'm in love.  

I honestly feel like this palette is very versatile for the upcoming months and it's pretty perfect for all of the spring/summer colors that I'll be gravitating towards. 

Let me know how or if you like or love it. 🙂 


Keep it bold

I have desperately been trying to work on my makeup skills and one I have been wanting to master is applying false lashes, it seriously isn't as simple as it seems. 

As with everything you watch a YouTube video and take a stab at it, my stab took a few peel off then reapplications which then had more glue, then I needed and gunk that I didn't want all over my lashes but I can say even with all of that it at the moment is better than having lash extensions only because of J. 

When I had lash extensions J would keep pulling at my face and I felt like they were going to rip off my lashes, and honestly I couldn't deal with them myself. They were beautiful and maybe if they were done properly I'd love them more. But they weren't done properly and my real lashes were clumped together and it irritated me. 

Do I like falsies sure but the work to do it all makes me appreciate lash extensions and the falsies also make me love the fact that I can easily remove them at the end of the night. Plus with Falsies you can change the look without having to wait months or pay tons of money. 

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