Weekend Vibes Only

This weekend was off to a good start my bestie came in Friday evening to spend the long weekend with us and my family.


But I messed up an event and scheduled it on the wrong day. Imagine packing J, finding a baby sitter, dropping him off, getting to the event location to call the host to then find out that the event is the next day 🙄.

Yup it all happened and as much as I wish it were a dream it gave me the chance to catch up with an old co-worker and do a little shopping for J. Making lemonade out of lemons. 

Oh and did I forget to mention that I totally saw Tina Knowles and her husband in the Galleria area? Yeah she was kind of in a rush had her head down and once we said her name she said a quick "hello" and got the hell outta there. 


If you are ever looking for a spot to eat in the Galleria area of Houston but not inside of the mall directly I definitely recommend Grand Luxe Cafe, this Chicken and Waffle plate was delicious and the Piña Colada was just what the doctor ordered. 


While in the Galleria area my friend and I visited the Creamistry and I'm not sure how I'll ever eat regular ice cream again this is seriously the best thing to cure a crappy day. 


After that mix up the weekend went fairly smoothly, we spent time in the pool at my parents. 


It was J's first official time in the pool we had dipped his feet in the water some but since his allergies started to act up we tried to keep him away until the water was warmer and this weekend couldn't have been any better.

 I'd say overall while this weekend was exhausting I am so thankful to be able to spend time with the ones I love.

It is because of the men, women and their families who sacrifice their lives for our freedom. My family and I are eternally grateful.