The Perfect Mom On-the-Go Outfit


Everytime I wear these jeans my niece and nephew always ask if they belong to my mom 🙄.  

Um, no these mom jeans are all mine and I'm cool with that. I picked these up babies up on a whim at Forever 21 a few years back and while they were much darker before I washed them, once they started to fade with each wash the more I loved them.  

I am pretty short about 5'0 [according to the measurements my husband took 😒] so pants are typically really long and I either have to buy petite or deal with a shitty length in jeans.

My go-to for jean buying lately has been American Eagle, their regular length fit pretty well and I'm not stuck with a shit ton of fabric or running to a tailor.  Which honestly I don't have time for. 

The shirt is Old Navy it is labeled a boyfriend shirt on their site and I have been in the market for the perfect white tee. When I first got it in my online order I wasn't impressed but as I started to wear it more, the more I kind of liked it.

The wide opening at the bottom of the t-shirt made me less self conscious of the extra baby weight I was still fighting off. It didn't hug in any of the unnecessary areas and felt pretty comfy too. 

Overall this is a typical get out of the house outfit when running errands with J, I love dresses but it's not always a great 💡.  Especially when you are lifting a 20+ lb baby in and out of a shopping cart. 

The headband is from a good friend, it is literally the best headband especially for the on the go mom. It has a wire in it so it is really easy to put on and then twist the wire and keep it in place. It actually makes me excited for when my hair does finally grow back out 🙂 but with my short hair it gives me that little bit of extra flare even if it is just me out running errands. You can find her Etsy store by clicking here. 

*all images provided by @stacyandersonphotography