Steaks + Potatoes

Meal Prepped Steak Dinner | hello there, love.
Easy Date Night Steak Dinner  | hello there, love.
Mini Potato Bites  | hello there, love.
Dinner Date Night | hello there, love.

Last week I was at our local grocery store and I found these beautiful boneless ribeyes, I was raised on bone-in ribeye so buying boneless was completely out of the ordinary for me. 

I decided to season these and let them sit for a couple of hours before cooking them, and here is what I did.

I coated both steaks with Extra Virgin Olive Oil [EVOO], then I seasoned them with Himalayan Pink Salt and Pepper to taste, Rosemary and Garlic Tone's seasoning put it in a ziplock bag and into the refrigerator.  Once it was dinner time, I took the ziplock bag out of the refrigerator and let it sit while I started to get the sides ready. 

I complimented the steaks with steamed broccoli and potatoes.  The potatoes I used where the little golden potatoes and they are super simple to make, I would totally recommend making them if you are having a finger food party as well.  I seasoned them with a garlic and herb seasoning and tossed them in EVOO and into the oven at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes or until soft enough for a fork to go through it. 

The time you put your steak on the grill will depend on how you like your steaks cooked, I remember watching Bobby Flay and him saying to do at least 8 minutes on each side.  I do suggest for a tender steak doing this and then putting them into the already hot oven for a few minutes or until you are ready to serve. 

The drink was made by Eric so I have no clue what was in it, but it was delicious and I had two. LOL. 

I hope you guys are having a lovely week, life has been pretty unbalanced lately so I do apologize for the inconsistence of the blog.