How and Why I Use Google Photos

How and Why I Use Google Photos | hello there, love. blog

Happy Fri-Yay Loves! 

I wanted to talk about photo back up, I know this more of a tech type of post but photos are a huge part of my life and I mostly use my phone to take those photos so today I am sharing my favorite FREE app that helps me save my photos, and have access to them via my desktop at the same time.  There is also the additional plus of unlimited memory.

I am talking about Google Photos.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! 

If you have ever wet your phone [yes, the drop in the toilet fiasco happened to me circa 2007], lost it , or had it stolen you are very aware how backing up your images and videos from your cell phone is a BIG deal.  But if you are anything like myself you either forget to back it up, or just don't do it.

Take it from me kids back up your phone or get Google photos!  It is easy to use and very, very convenient.

I have to admit, I love to look back at old photos and videos they are the one thing I cannot lose and I have a ton of them on my phone.  So a couple of years ago I downloaded Google photos because I was trying to figure out how to get some photographs from my computer to my phone.  But I later realized that all of my photographs from my cell phone were now accessible via my cell phone with internet access all I had to do was download any image that I wanted to save to my phone.  Pretty simple.

Now with each new phone I download Google photos make sure the auto sync is on, so each time I take a photo it uploads to my Google photos and I can view it any computer I am close to.  I don't have to keep photos on my phone after they upload which saves me from having to continuously buy memory, or take up tons of my phone memory keeping them. 

Blogger Tip: If you are tired of transferring your amazing iPhone shots to your computer via your phone cord, you can just open Google Photos and download your image your phone will auto-sync all of your images and you can view them on your desktop. 

Do you have an easy way to save your photos I'd love to know?