Visiting Wimberley, TX

This past weekend was the BEST!  The only thing that was missing was E to join in on the fun.  

I can't believe that J is now 6 months old and we went on his first road trip, everything is a first currently and it is so amazing that he is finally here but time is flying and I just wish it would slow down a little. 

We spent the weekend in Wimberley, and it was beautiful.  I can't wait to go back.  There are so many trails for hiking and the place is just beautiful.  I love the quaintness of it all it is so peaceful.  

We stayed at The Mountain View Lodge and it was the most perfect place to stay while in town.  The couple that runs the place is really sweet as well.  You won't get a concierge or room service while there so make sure you are aware of that, pack snacks that don't require a refrigerator, or microwave if you have the urge for a last night snacks. 

We visited a few places while in the area the good thing is that pretty much everything is close to each other so 20 minutes here, 15 there, 5 minutes there.  So it was nice to see a few things while we were in town. 

Things to do in Wimberley

Purgatory Creek - the trails were beautiful and I definitely want to go back to journey and of course take pictures. 

Jacob's Well - my mom wanted so badly to go to Jacob's Well and was a little underwelmed but I thought it was pretty cool.  You have to make a reservation to go swimming and you do have to walk a trail to get there.  I highly recommend wearing tennis shoes and being very careful I slipped a couple of times and I was holding the baby, so mom was freaking out. 

The Wooden Spoon Ice Cream and Yogurt - This is a quaint little spot in town that had frozen yogurt and all of the fixings.  We came here after dinner and it was nice to stop and relax a bit.  It is like your typical Tutti Fruitti or Menchies but better because it isn't some franchise.  It is decorated like a cozy home with cute tables and nic nacs. 

The Leaning Pear - We had dinner here Saturday night and the view is beautiful. I will have to try this place again, I don't think the particular item I ordered of the menu was great the Blanco Pizza had too much sauce and arugala for my liking. I should've went with my gut and got the meatloaf, my mom ordered the chicken with grits and enjoyed it.