Steamed Salmon and Vegetables

Steamed Salmon and Vegetables | hello there, love. blog - Easy Dinner Recipe.

Don't you just love when things are easy? I absolutely do.

Here is the thing, I loved easy before J and I love it even more after J.

Life with babies can be difficult, I know I'm just as surprised as you are. I hope you can hear the sarcasm in that. 

I also love eating great food and since I hope to get back to eating healthy and working out this meal was exactly what I was looking for.

Yesterday I went to Sam's Club to pick up some groceries and in the meat department they had these packages of food already in a steam bag. Each bag had some type of fish, seasoning with a mixture of vegetables this particular package cost about $12.50.

I did have to add some seasoning for us, but if you are looking for meal preps without having to do a ton of work, this can totally be an alternative or at least a start.

Since E eats two servings of pretty much everything this just served the two of us but I'm pretty sure it could easily feed 3 or 4 for dinner depending on how much everyone eats.

The instructions are on the back of the package, so after 25 minutes in the oven our dinner was done. I paired it with some flavored rice and it was perfect.

After that J finally went down and I started editing a wedding I did last weekend, made some tea and finally wound down for the rest of the evening. It is so nice to not just be sitting down for the day.

What are your favorite go to dinners?


* while I wish this was a sponsored post it is most definitely not, I just love easy recipes, or food preparations.