How to Build Confidence in Your Wardrobe

Hello Babes!

I have been working hard behind the scenes with my current wardrobe and I thought I should share my tips on what I have done to feel confident in what I wear.

If you follow me on social media you are well aware that I have decide to build a type of capsule wardrobe and get rid of anything that didn’t fit my style, body, or daily wear. I am just past having a ton of stuff in my house and this is the best way for me to get anything that I don’t love out of it.

I am a sahm of a busy body two year old and I need everything in my wardrobe to fit that life. I finally came to terms with it and that was really the first step to building my confidence in my wardrobe.

I am sharing all the ways I changed my mindset and wardrobe essentials.

Stop wearing clothing you are NOT comfortable in

If you are constantly pulling, or tugging on clothing because it doesn’t fit properly, doesn’t compliment your skin tone or you just don’t feel yourself in. Get rid of it. It isn’t for you.

If you don’t fit in it now, don’t buy it.

Stop making yourself feel bad about your body because you currently don’t fit into something in your closet or something you are trying to purchase.

It really doesn’t boost your self-esteem and makes you feel bad for being human why do you want that negativity in your life or your closet. Clothes are supposed to make you feel good about yourself, or at least compliment what you already have going on.

If you do have a goal body and want to buy one item that helps you feel great about achieving that goal, I totally support that. But ONE item, not an entire wardrobe.

Quality over Quantity

I really want to get better quality items into my wardrobe but I also love staying on trend so it can be hard at times to do this without going the budget friendly route.

I recently found myself at F21 buying lower quality items because I am doing last minute shopping for a quick trip to Nashville. I am still debating on return some of the items to the store.

What I try my hardest to do is buy clothing out of season in hopes that it will still be in season when it rolls back around. I do this a lot.

You are still able to get quality items and still within a budget friendly mind. I love blogger Nadine Rebecca because she does this often and also shows you how to style items you have already with a series called #liftedherlook, you can read through her blog to see how she explains it or check out her IG.

Buy colors that you can transition into all seasons

This is the hardest thing for me!

I try to remember what colors I have in my closet already. I don’t need 5 mustard colored items, or 7 lime green or hot pink colors that I can ONLY wear in the summer or fall months.

I love adding color into my wardrobe but remember those things can also be added with an accessory as well. I love hints of color verses an entire outfit of bright colors.

If that is your jam then more power to you, no hate here just not for me.

But if you are looking for a versatile closet, it is best to just have one or two items that you can weave into your spring/summer/fall/winter wardrobe and store away when you don’t need them.

Be intentional with your purchases

For the longest time I would go to the store and just pick up random items so nothing in my wardrobe complimented anything else.

I would then find myself back at the store trying to find things that paired well with an item or returning it because I had no business having in the first place.

Here’s what I did to fix it.

I went through my Pinterest Style Board, and looked through the things I liked or wanted to wear and if my wardrobe or the item I was trying to purchase didn’t align with that. I got rid of it or never purchased it.

Another tip is to create an album on your phone of items in your wardrobe whether it is your favorite shirt, the jeans you just purchased or even a Pinterest outfit you are trying to achieve.

Some store’s wi-fi mess with your service and it is so frustrating to have a little one in the store while trying to put an outfit together or login to a wifi connection when all you have to do is look through your photos.

If you haven’t worn it in 6 months [unless it is seasonal] get rid of it.

Girls! I can’t even tell you how much crap I got rid of that I had never worn. The most depressing thing I have done lately because it is so much money wasted.

I had items in my closet that I had originally bought to photograph for a blog post, or thought it would be great for an IG flat lay, or etc. .

If I don’t actually wear it, then I don’t need to post it to my blog or act like it is something I would wear for likes. NO thank you.

I feel like more people can relate to you when you show your true self because there are more people out there like us than we think.

Being who you are can help someone be more comfortable with who they are.

Try things on

Don’t roll your eyes at me!

We all were created differently and uniquely, so when something fits one of our favorite bloggers, or our girlfriends that doesn’t always mean it will fit us the same way.

The sisterhood of the traveling pants doesn’t work in the real world.

As much as I absolutely despise trying things on it is the fastest way to avoid taking home something you just end up having to return to the store.

I have a little guy who is always with me and I do understand how hard it is, so if you do take something home try it on as soon as possible and if you don’t love it or can’t pair it with something you have. RETURN IT!

Don’t forget the shoes!

How many times have you come home with an amazing outfit just to realize you don’t have the shoes to wear with it.

Instead of buying clothing for shoes you don’t have try to remember or take a picture of what you DO have and compliment that.

If you need new shoes because like me you are horrible on shoes, then remember what you are comfortable in and compliment your life.

I don’t wear heels often so I waited for a BOGO sale at Target and bought a couple of pairs of chunky heels in three different colors. Wedges and chunky heels are the extent of my heels now a days and I am totally fine with that.

I also love to wear converse, vans, or sperry type loafers for every day. They are easy to slip on and I can pair them with a bunch of items. I will also buy a couple of flats or strappy sandals for skirts and dress for Sundays with the boys.

Pops of Color with Accessories

Okay I will admit I don’t do accessories well.

I am even worst since I had J because I didn’t want things to scratch him or hurt him when I loaded him in his car seat, or had to grab him quickly in the store which is often.

But since I am trying to do my best to have a versatile wardrobe, I am going to start getting some accessories that may add a pop of color to outfits rather than the actual outfit itself.

You can do this with jewelry, bags/wallets, or hair accessories.

Stop comparing your body to everyone else

As women we really need to start loving ourselves more.

I say this as a women who /struggles/ with this at my current weight, I feel like I felt so much better in my body last year because I was active in working out.

This year has been a bit tougher because J just hasn’t wanted to be at the gym day care and he loves his mama too much [at least that is what I am telling myself].

I struggle with self-confidence but I am working on it and I don’t need to make myself feel bad about my body by putting clothing on that I don’t fit in or feel myself in.

Buying a size too small just because in my mind I’ll fit in it sooner than later, or the “bloat” will go away isn’t setting myself up to build my confidence.

We have to be proactive, the mind is a tricky space but setting yourself up for failure isn’t productive or kind.

Favorite Style Bloggers I love to reference

Building a wardrobe can be hard and I wish I had all of the style tips and tricks for you guys but over the years these ladies have helped me so much.

I am 5’1 and it is really hard to find style or ways to wear clothing that helps me figure out what works and what doesn’t.

These girls help me figure out what I like and what won’t work for me.

Lee Ann Benjamin - Budget friendly style

Andee Layne - still remembering I am a hip mom with style

Naomi Boyer - how to wear items that I love without looking frumpy.

Miss Louie - Petite Styles that work for my body, putting outfits together well.

Dinner at Los Cucos + Giveaway

*this post is sponsored by Los Cucos but all opinions are my own. 

Good morning loves!

I wanted to share with y'all a recent opportunity I had to visit a local Los Cucos and all the yummy treats I was able to try. 

Los Cucos isn't anything new to me, we actually live pretty close to one and we frequently get their fajitas for two but to go, so having the chance to go into the restaurant and try new things on the menu and have a couple of drink was such a treat and great experience.  

I ordered the Fajitas a la Poblanas and Oh em gee they are so good, they have such flavor and now I'm making myself hungry. If you don't like mushrooms definitely ask for it without them because I wouldn't use it as an excuse not to get them because you'll definitely be missing out. 

Los Cucos was nice enough to give me a gift card to giveaway to some of my friends 🙂 . So if you don't already go on my Instagram and click the follow button and enter the giveaway.  


What is that, Velvet?

this post does contain affiliate links, I may earn a commission if you click/purchase any products. 

If you have ever watched "Coming to America" you can appreciate the title of this post, and my humor for that matter 😂. I was raised with boys forgive me.  

I recently saw a blogger post wearing a velvet jumpsuit and I absolutely loved it. I know it isn't really mommy like to wear velvet but we all still get to do date night once in a while right?  And if not you can always spruce up your mommy wardrobe while accessorizing or accentuating with velvet.  

I found a couple of items that I fell in love with to add a little velvet to your life this fall. 

Please for the sake of all things mommy, don't go out wearing all things velvet and then say I told you it would look amazing, that's not what I am saying.

So let me break it down, if you wear velvet pants DO NOT, I repeat do not wear a velvet top.  A basic tee will work, wear leather loafers or pumps and put your hair up in a bun.  Piece velvet items together with none velvet items, the days are over where you should be wearing all velvet. 

A little sometimes can go a long way especially with the velvet trend, that is why I added in the shirt with a velvet pocket and a clutch these are items that will accent your outfit, and keep you on trend while potentially be your statement piece.  

Oh and don't forget you can totally detail your house with velvet items like dining room chairs. My tip would be to only use them at the head and end of the table, all velvet may be a bit much unless you are going for the 70's vibe then it would totally work in your favor. 

Our Little Bear | Jaxon's Newborn Portraits

I just can't. He is adorable.  I know, I know!  

In honor of Jaxon turning 2 months yesterday and being a super amazing baby for his shots, I figured I should share his newborn session on the blog today.  

First, I have to send a special thank you to Taryn Melgoza Photography for all of the portraits of Jaxon you see here, she is an amazing photographer and even more amazing person.  I was a nervous wreck going into to Jaxon's session as a photographer and a new mommy, I thought Jaxon was her worst client ever.  Even though I was reassured that this is a typical newborn photographers day, lol.  

He was apparently having a "growing" day the day of his session all he wanted to do was eat and poop.  And poop he did all over every beautiful item that Taryn put him on.  [Don't worry everything was washed immediately after our session]

Taryn seriously if you are reading this, thank you!  Thank you for making this new mommy not only feel comfortable that her baby was pooping all over your equipment but also because you took care of him like he was your own and these photographs are AMAZEBALLS.  

Hello There, Love. | Our Little Bear | Jaxon's Newborn Portraits

I mean look at our little bear, isn't he handsome.  I love him so much. 

Jaxon is doing so well. He is getting bigger day by day.  He is holding his head up when we do [very] short periods of tummy time, trying to crawl a little, he is attempting to hold his own bottle, and he is baby talking more and more.  I think we held a full conversation today or I hadn't had my coffee yet, one of the two. 

The time we spent waiting for our little bear was well spent because I can't describe him as anything less than perfect.  

Parenting isn't an easy task to take on, it is tough.  But, it is totally worth it.  E and I wouldn't change anything about our journey to Jaxon.  He is truly our biggest gift from God, and he will always be our little miracle baby.  The wait made us better parents, and much more thankful for Jaxon when he arrived.  

For those couples out there who are waiting for their little love, as much as I hate to say this because it annoyed the hell out of me before Jaxon, God will give you exactly what you need when you are ready for it.  Trust in that. 

Photographing The Bump

As I sit here looking through the photographs that Taryn Melgoza Photography created for us, I can't believe that it was just a couple of months ago I was still pregnant, and baby Jaxon was still inside of me growing and getting bigger.  It brings back so many memories, times I will cherish and moments I will always have close to my heart.

I can't believe that we have a beautiful baby boy now and we just had his first newborn session with her today.  I can't believe he is already 16 days old and that he is here.  

E has been such a great dad and I know us women have a gear that normally kicks in right away but I believe E's dad mode button was switched into high gear too. 

As I type this E is on the couch soothing him to sleep and I can't believe how surreal it all is.  I can't believe that 3 years ago I was on my way to Mexico to start treatment in hopes that we will finally get the love we have now. I still find myself staring at him in amazement because for years we dreamed for him, loved for him, cried for him, and now he is here.  And he is all ours.

I am in such awe of the images she created and I am so glad that we invested in her to capture these special moments in our lives, I can't wait until I am finally able to get these printed and we can display them all over our house, our walls are currently bare just waiting for some of this love.  

I promise I am going to get caught up on writing one of these days. During my pregnancy and even after I couldn't get my mind to come up with the words to write blog post that I was proud of, so I am attempting to play catch up! 

PS.  Can I just say that I love me, some us!  I love how much we come through in these photographs.  I love how much E and I have fought through, all the tribulations and trials in our life and how much we have grown in the past year.  I love me some us and I always will. 

Photographing The Bump | Hello There, Love. Blog
Photographing The Bump | Hello There, Love. Blog
Photographing The Bump | Hello There, Love. Blog
Photographing The Bump | Hello There, Love. Blog
Photographing The Bump | Hello There, Love. Blog
Photographing The Bump | Hello There, Love. Blog



Gluten Free Turkey Spaghetti


Gluten Free Turkey Spaghetti


I got you guys better pictures this time! : ] you're welcome.

Last night, I made Turkey Spaghetti I had been craving spaghetti for a while now and E and I have been trying to avoid going out to eat as much as possible so we have been doing our best to make homemade dinners.  This dinner is so easy to make and my favorite, I think I will make it again this week.  

In order to keep this dish a little healthier I decided to use Gluten Free Pasta along with the Turkey. Normally I wouldn't add much veggies to the dish but I some left over mushrooms that I didn't want to waste and they fit into the dish perfectly.  

I can't say that I noticed a difference in the taste of the pasta at all, I have tried Gluten Free Pasta before and didn't have an issue with the taste but I have heard some complaints from others.  Just make sure you salt the water and don't let it sit in the water for a long period of time.  I learned the hard way that since the water is still hot it will cook the pasta longer, so strain it right away.  

Gluten Free Spaghetti
1 bottle of Bertolli Pasta Sauce
1 lb of Ground Turkey
Garlic Powder
1/2 of a yellow onion
Shredded Parmesan [optional]
Handful of Mushrooms [optional]
1 teaspoon of sugar [optional]
1 tablespoon of olive oil

1. Bring 4-6 quarts of salted water to a boil, then add pasta.  While pasta is boiling add salt, pepper, garlic powder, and roasted garlic and red bell pepper seasoning to ground turkey.  

2. Put 1 tablespoon of olive oil into skillet, then add Ground Turkey.  Once the turkey is slightly cooked, add any additional vegetables that you would like.

3.  Once your veggies have softened to the consistency that you like, add in the spaghetti sauce.  We use Bertolli and I put a little water in the bottle to get any excess sauce out, just make sure you give it enough time to blend into the sauce.

4. Check pasta after the 10-15 min time to check if it is Al-dente or to your liking.  Then strain the pasta. 

5.  Put a little bit of sugar into your pasta sauce, I learned this from E he likes the sauce to be a little sweeter than tangy. 

6.  Strain pasta as soon as possible and add a little bit of pasta sauce to keep the noodles from sticking.

7.  Plate food and take pictures. : ]